Today IS “Some Day”

Everyone has struggles. Life is process. Life is suffering. Life is untold joy and immeasurable agony… sometimes all tied up into one. You love your children enough to let them make choices, and you die a thousand deaths when they make the wrong ones. You take risks and you screw up and sometimes you make incredible strides because of those risks.

All of us at some time in our lives fear being unlovable, we fear losing credibility, fear being a nothing. We all want to matter. We all want to know we are visible to someone. In some movie or another, Susan Sarandon’s character said, “We want a witness to our lives.”

Yet, we let fear stop us.  It stops us from saying “I love you.” Stops us from pushing a little harder for that seemingly unreachable goal. We stop in our tracks – paralyzed. We don’t see Fear and Confusion are the real obstacles. Our brains are stopping us. When we were kids and fearless, we just went ahead and did things. Now as adults we go through a checklist of reasons why things won’t and can’t work. And we stop.

Most of us are our own worst critics. “Oh, I could never do that.” “Oh, she has so much more talent than I do… that’s why she is successful and I’m poor.”  “Oh, I’d have to get [a degree, a secretary, a raise, a life] to do that, I don’t have enough right now.”  Or, worse, “I’m not good enough.”

Michelangelo wasn’t born painting. Shakespeare was laughed out of the theaters when he started. Einstein flunked math.  And Michael Jordan was cut from the High School Basketball team when he was a freshman. I fainted the first time I gave a speech (it was in the first grade when we were reciting Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.). The staff at Hearst Castle told me my voice was too soft to be a tour guide. But they hired me anyway. Then scolded me a few months later for talking too loud on tour…

We all suffer from the Someday Syndrome. Someday I would like to… learn to knit, interview my grandmother, take flying lessons, hang glide, take up stained glass, try my hand at painting, read all of Shakespeare’s writings, publish a book.  Someday…

Today is “Some Day.”

Tomorrow I’ll give you five secrets for making your dreams come alive!

Till then,

Just do ONE little thing that scares you.


© 2012 Beth Terry, CSP  Phoenix and Honolulu, USA  All Rights Reserved

About Beth Terry

Beth Terry, CSP, is a speaker, coach, writer and cowgirl. Her audiences are from around the world: she has spoken to almost half a million people in 6 countries. Her passion is watching the "popcorn popper" go off in people's heads when they 'get it.'

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