It’s no big thing…

Valentines and elections, Marriages and lives … All are lost from little things, not big. Each decision we make impacts our lives for the long haul. We are the only person in the world who is 100% impacted by every single choice we make. My Continue reading It’s no big thing…

Luddite or TechnoAddict?

As Tech use spikes, so does Brain Research. The burning question on NPR recently – are we addicted? Do video games spike our dopamine receptors? Are we even capable of living an unplugged life? “Smart phones” are called “crackberries” for a reason. I sent that Continue reading Luddite or TechnoAddict?

Finding Sanity in Silence

This was supposed to be a simpler time. Computers and time-saving devices would make life easier. Not so. We’re inundated with advertising, news stories, social media, buy this buy that – it’s all noise. It’s enough to make us crawl back into bed and pull Continue reading Finding Sanity in Silence

Dying to Blog: Finding Balance in Cyberspace

Couch potatoes have moved to the Office Chair. Sitting in front of your computer for hours at a time isn’t good for you. We’ve lost our way. We aren’t leaving the fronts of our screens (or our iPhone screens, iPad screens, Blackberry Screens… you name it) for very long. Exercise is suffering. Our arteries are just as clogged as if we sat on the couch watching TV all day. Same inactivity, different medium. Continue reading Dying to Blog: Finding Balance in Cyberspace

Life Goes on Within You and Without You

Go hug somebody. Remember who you are. Remember you only get about 80 trips around the sun, if you’re lucky — and don’t sweat the small stuff. Enjoy today. Even the difficult and boring parts. At least you are here to deal with it. Continue reading Life Goes on Within You and Without You

Can’t Take My Mind Off You…

I’m back. Actually I haven’t been gone. This blogging thing is sitting on my shoulder all day long, pulling my hair, stealing parts of my brain. Here’s the deal, I’ve started at least ten different entries and stopped mid-sentence. I have the idea, but then Continue reading Can’t Take My Mind Off You…

Coulda Been Worse… Sunday Musings

We get caught up in our little dramas and effectively are the architects of our Life Un-balance. It’s so easy to think our problems are worse than anyone else’s. Hopefully that point of view changes as we experience more of life and the world. It’s Continue reading Coulda Been Worse… Sunday Musings

Do we really know each other?

There’s a wonderful scene in “Men in Trees” where one of the characters discovers that Jerome, the local “barfly,” actually is an accomplished pianist with several awards and records to his name. He’s shown looking through a trunk filled with memories of a career that Continue reading Do we really know each other?

What are you doing the rest of your life?

“How old is your little girl?” I ask. “She is 21 days old.” Parents of young ones always seem to answer in months or days. The miracle that brought the child into the world is still fresh and new, so we count it out carefully. Continue reading What are you doing the rest of your life?

The Gift of Adversity

I’m in Hawaii right now working with several clients on Managing Change. The thought that adversity could be good for you often throws them, especially with this mortgage meltdown and the scary economy. Adversity is a powerful teacher for those who pay attention. Each tragic, Continue reading The Gift of Adversity