Social Media Fatigue

~ Post every day ~ Don’t post every day ~ You must use Google+ ~ Google+ isn’t ready for primetime ~ Update your SEO ~ SEO is old school ~ If you’re not on Facebook, you don’t exist ~ LinkedIn is better than Facebook ~ Continue reading Social Media Fatigue

Dying to Blog: Finding Balance in Cyberspace

Couch potatoes have moved to the Office Chair. Sitting in front of your computer for hours at a time isn’t good for you. We’ve lost our way. We aren’t leaving the fronts of our screens (or our iPhone screens, iPad screens, Blackberry Screens… you name it) for very long. Exercise is suffering. Our arteries are just as clogged as if we sat on the couch watching TV all day. Same inactivity, different medium. Continue reading Dying to Blog: Finding Balance in Cyberspace

“Twitterize” Your Content

[tweetmeme] YouTube and Twitter have irrevocably changed the way we look at the world and gather information. We were already teetering on zero attention span, and… oooh… a shiny object…. where was I … Yes – a short attention span. I just discovered mine is Continue reading “Twitterize” Your Content

Social Media Snit

Here’s the deal — All social networking — actually, all networking — is about relationship. It takes time to develop. It doesn’t happen in an instant, at least not the great relationships that are worth tending. Continue reading Social Media Snit

Our Rapidly Diminishing Vocabulary

It’s hard to believe, but internet madness has REALLY been in our consciousness for only a decade. Our youngsters are growing up with tech tools as a given. We codgers are adapting at record pace to keep up. Some younger readers following this blog will Continue reading Our Rapidly Diminishing Vocabulary

Getting and Staying Focused

One of the challenges in this world is ((((tweet!))))  Oh, wait, there’s my tweetdeck buzzing. Anyway, one of the challenges is finding a laser focus – one thing at a time. You know ((((tweet!)))) Hold on. Ok – You know, be a postage stamp: stick Continue reading Getting and Staying Focused

Can’t Take My Mind Off You…

I’m back. Actually I haven’t been gone. This blogging thing is sitting on my shoulder all day long, pulling my hair, stealing parts of my brain. Here’s the deal, I’ve started at least ten different entries and stopped mid-sentence. I have the idea, but then Continue reading Can’t Take My Mind Off You…

Social Networking Overwhelm

I have an invitation on my desktop to join something called WAYN (where are you now?) I’m on LinkedIn, I’m supposed to join FaceBook and MySpace. It was recommended I hook up to Twitter. I’m a moderator on three Yahoo e-groups and a member of Continue reading Social Networking Overwhelm