Get Out of Holiday Overwhelm!

Your friends love you. Your family loves you. Your clients are in overwhelm, too. Do the best you can. If you didn’t get cards, gifts or greetings out for your favorite holiday in time, send something anyway. Make it a New Year’s greeting. You probably Continue reading Get Out of Holiday Overwhelm!

Spring Clean Your Brain

Don’t just clean out the house this Spring – Take your brain out and hose it off. Then dance with it for awhile. Continue reading Spring Clean Your Brain

Dying to Blog: Finding Balance in Cyberspace

Couch potatoes have moved to the Office Chair. Sitting in front of your computer for hours at a time isn’t good for you. We’ve lost our way. We aren’t leaving the fronts of our screens (or our iPhone screens, iPad screens, Blackberry Screens… you name it) for very long. Exercise is suffering. Our arteries are just as clogged as if we sat on the couch watching TV all day. Same inactivity, different medium. Continue reading Dying to Blog: Finding Balance in Cyberspace

Deadly Sleep Habits

Teenagers need to sleep more than adults. They are getting mugged by their hormones, and their brains and bodies are assimilating huge masses of data. One scientist claims that our kids would learn better if we started school at 9AM instead of 7:30, and kept them until 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Continue reading Deadly Sleep Habits

Getting and Staying Focused

One of the challenges in this world is ((((tweet!))))  Oh, wait, there’s my tweetdeck buzzing. Anyway, one of the challenges is finding a laser focus – one thing at a time. You know ((((tweet!)))) Hold on. Ok – You know, be a postage stamp: stick Continue reading Getting and Staying Focused

Instant Stress Relief for Managers

I sat in my office at 9:30 PM leaning my face into my hands. My eyes were burning, I hadn’t eaten a good meal all day, and I still had a mountain of work on my “To Do List.” It was 1984 and I had Continue reading Instant Stress Relief for Managers

Unconnected Disconnected Discombobulated

872 emails 25 Texts 18 voice mails glaring blog absence I spent the first part of last week in Coolidge, Arizona. A city so small they still have a population and elevation sign as you enter town. I drove back to Phoenix and hopped a Continue reading Unconnected Disconnected Discombobulated

“You are never upset for the reasons you think.”

That’s a wonderful quote from Gerald Jampolsky’s book “Love is Letting Go of Fear.” And it’s so true. It’s rare for an upset to be a simple cause-and-effect situation. Here, let me save you thousands of dollars in payments to a shrink. You’re sitting in Continue reading “You are never upset for the reasons you think.”

Coulda Been Worse… Sunday Musings

We get caught up in our little dramas and effectively are the architects of our Life Un-balance. It’s so easy to think our problems are worse than anyone else’s. Hopefully that point of view changes as we experience more of life and the world. It’s Continue reading Coulda Been Worse… Sunday Musings

Making Resolutions Stick… Sunday Musings

It’s halfway through February. How are your New Year’s Resolutions doing? So many of us start this resolution thing with great energy. When we’re younger and invincible, it seems a given we will get where we want to go, eventually. When we’re older and beat Continue reading Making Resolutions Stick… Sunday Musings