Resilience Podcasts for Raising Great Kids

Beth Terry Resilience Kids

MORE Resilience Podcasts with Beth about parenting made easy Take time to listen to two Resilience Podcasts about raising kids in this topsy turvy world. With so many different elements influencing your children daily, you want to be the one in charge of their influences. Continue reading Resilience Podcasts for Raising Great Kids

Mindfulness Creates Resilience

Mindfulness Resilience

Resilience is within reach… it’s inside you! We are the sum total of our choices and those choices can enhance or destroy our Resilience. “We” meaning the human race, this country, this world, your family, your friends, YOU, Me: Each taking different roads. We make Continue reading Mindfulness Creates Resilience

Get Back on the Horse!

I slipped and fell in an airport and broke three vertebrae in my neck. The next year was a blur. Surgeries, neck brace, lost voice, lost time on the speaking circuit, lost my memory for a bit. Found my friends and supporters. Found I had Continue reading Get Back on the Horse!

Life is not a straight line

On my dad’s wall was a quote by John Shedd, “A ship in the harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships were built for.” I thought of this when I heard a woman on the Dr. Phil show complaining it was hard to meet Continue reading Life is not a straight line

Resilience – Finding Inner Strength

It’s dicey out there! Buckle up, the ride isn’t over yet! People are reporting feeling more stressed now than they did one year ago according to the American Psychological Association. But it doesn’t have to derail you. What can YOU do about your own stress Continue reading Resilience – Finding Inner Strength

Memories & Music Connecting the Generations

I sat in the 10th row center. By the second set, the Beachboys had everyone on their feet, stomping, hooting, hollering, singing, and passing the beachball around. Down a few rows to my left I could clearly see a fuzzy white head of permed hair Continue reading Memories & Music Connecting the Generations

Today IS “Some Day”

Everyone has struggles. Life is process. Life is suffering. Life is untold joy and immeasurable agony… sometimes all tied up into one. You love your children enough to let them make choices, and you die a thousand deaths when they make the wrong ones. You Continue reading Today IS “Some Day”

Just One More…

We all did it. We all pulled ourselves up on the nearest piece of furniture and tried to walk. Some of us didn’t bother to crawl first. We got around by rolling. Wheeee! But, barring early childhood issues, the one common denominator for humans is Continue reading Just One More…

What are your choices?

Life is a roller coaster. Unless you live alone in a cave, you will run into people and situations that unnerve you. What can you do? I’ve had three situations in the past month: A thief stole my debit card and tried to charge hundreds Continue reading What are your choices?

Community Trumps Tragedy

I was touched by the community pride in Halifax, Nova Scotia on the 99th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.  Museums and displays proudly and solemnly showcase the efforts of Nova Scotians when the survivors and the dead from the icy waters were brought Continue reading Community Trumps Tragedy