Happy Valentines Day!

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All Relationships End – Goodbye 2014

As I was winding up business for 2014 and working on goals and visions for 2015, I thought about the ending of our relationship with 2014. It occurred to me: All relationships end either through death or breakup. If you go into a relationship knowing Continue reading All Relationships End – Goodbye 2014

Reader asks: My daughter is dating a doofus. Help!

Well Beth, if you are taking questions now… can you help me with my daughter? One thing that was made clear to me last year is that my daughter wants and needs my presence at the holidays. I’m dreading this and thinking about it already Continue reading Reader asks: My daughter is dating a doofus. Help!

The Comfort of Real Friendship

Olaf Isaachsen once said, “I like you to the extent that I’m comfortable with myself in your presence.” If we look at our close friends – not business contacts or acquaintances, we know their real gift to us is the comfort they bring us. True Continue reading The Comfort of Real Friendship

Friends ARE Benefits

Friends are good for us. You know that. A friend is someone who just accepts you the way you are. And when you aren’t being yourself, they let you know. Friends are important for survival. They improve our immune system and provide us with biological Continue reading Friends ARE Benefits

The Wonder of Social Media

Social media has changed the landscape of relationships and connections. Because of social media, I’ve been delighted to discover the “other Beth Terry’s” out in cyberspace.  We are finding that we are very similar. This morning, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Beth Terry Continue reading The Wonder of Social Media

The Terrible Truth About Love

When we surrender to love, we surrender to our mortality and to our human-ness. It is in these moments that our compassion grows. The lovers of the world become the conscience for our world community. In our knowing about love and loss, social justice is formed. Continue reading The Terrible Truth About Love

Quotables ~ Relationships

Money is a powerful aphrodisiac. But flowers work almost as well.” — Robert Heinlein “Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.” — Antoine de Saint-Exupery “When the happiness of another person becomes as essential Continue reading Quotables ~ Relationships

Do we really know each other?

There’s a wonderful scene in “Men in Trees” where one of the characters discovers that Jerome, the local “barfly,” actually is an accomplished pianist with several awards and records to his name. He’s shown looking through a trunk filled with memories of a career that Continue reading Do we really know each other?