Today IS “Some Day”

Everyone has struggles. Life is process. Life is suffering. Life is untold joy and immeasurable agony… sometimes all tied up into one. You love your children enough to let them make choices, and you die a thousand deaths when they make the wrong ones. You Continue reading Today IS “Some Day”

Start Fresh ~ Clear the Clutter

Take some time today to make a sweep of your home. Look for items you can recycle, re-gift, give to charity, toss or shred. The easiest way to do this is to give yourself a time limit. No more than 2 hours to start. Otherwise Continue reading Start Fresh ~ Clear the Clutter

Frustrated? Find a new option

Everyday there will be challenges, troubles, detours, and opportunities. In solving both the big and the small problems of your life, look at the options before settling for the first solution that comes along. Who knows? You might save time, money, headaches, and pain. At the very least, you’ll learn something. And that’s a good thing. Continue reading Frustrated? Find a new option

You Might Be Mistaken

“Entertain the possibility that you may be mistaken.” That was my daily thought a few weeks ago from Ralph Marston. I enjoy receiving his notes daily (think you Tom Miura for the gift!) and usually they will stay with me a day or two. This Continue reading You Might Be Mistaken

R U Resilient? 7 ways to tell

I’ve been researching Coping Skills and Resilience for my presentations and articles. Here are the top 7 characteristics that separate those who will bounce back from the current mess, and those who will struggle. See how many of these you can answer “yes” to: BELIEF: Continue reading R U Resilient? 7 ways to tell

“In This Tough Economy…”

Are you as tired of that phrase as I am? Media pundits are out there vying to be first with the gloomiest, “doomiest” predictions about our future. You might think there’s an award for being the first to predict the collapse of the whole human Continue reading “In This Tough Economy…”

Possibility Thinking: our only sane choice

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” Helen Keller Probably the worst thing we can do right now is dabble in regret and despair. It’s extremely easy to wallow right now. People who were sneering a Continue reading Possibility Thinking: our only sane choice