Our Choices Create our Lives

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Choices have consequences. Pay Attention! New post on Everybody’s Lost- Life Hacks for Grownups You Get What You Plant by Beth Do you plant happiness in your Life Garden? “Why are you surprised at the way your life is today? Did you think you could plant Continue reading Our Choices Create our Lives

A Response to the MBTI Controversy

Beth Terry, CactusWrangler.com

Update on 14OCT15 – I’m happy to report that Rob from CAPT has responded to my blog post and has this to say: Thanks for sharing your thoughts.  As I mentioned in my previous email, CAPT is working on a response to the article you Continue reading A Response to the MBTI Controversy

Life is not a straight line

On my dad’s wall was a quote by John Shedd, “A ship in the harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships were built for.” I thought of this when I heard a woman on the Dr. Phil show complaining it was hard to meet Continue reading Life is not a straight line

Parallel Universes Revisited

Do you believe in Parallel Universes? I do. You would say yes if you think about it. I pipe in relaxing music when I’m getting a room ready for a speaking or training session. This time I played a friend’s rendition of Pachelbel Canon in Continue reading Parallel Universes Revisited

Best You Can…

He sat on the sidelines watching bemused as we whirled and twirled to the live country music. Wizened and slight, he had to be in his mid-90’s. His eyes twinkled as he studied our steps. When the band stopped and canned music played a slower Continue reading Best You Can…

Packing for 2011

Holidays are always a time of reflection. Years and Birthdays ending in Zero seem to impact us more than others. As this year and decade come to a close and we move into another year ending in “1”, decide what you will take with you Continue reading Packing for 2011

Resilience Step #2 – Perspective

The secret to Resilience is in celebrating what you have rather than focusing on what you don’t have. It matters not what you USED TO have. Those days are gone. What do you have now? What are your opportunities and possibilities NOW? What do you have to work with — in both your inner and outer life? One step, and another will take you to the new place. Continue reading Resilience Step #2 – Perspective

What’s YOUR Expiration Date?

What if you could use a magic light to read your expiration date, maybe on the bottom of your foot… Would it change how you live? Do you have forever? Or do you have another week? Continue reading What’s YOUR Expiration Date?

7 Ways to Bounce Back

Are you wondering if things will ever get better? A little overwhelmed by the daily news? Here are 7 low-cost things you can do to take control of your stress and bounce back. 1. Consider a mini-vacation: Go online to your local Chamber of Commerce Continue reading 7 Ways to Bounce Back

Think YOU Have Problems? Think again…

We sat riveted: the room was eerily silent. For a conference luncheon packed with 1,300 Professional Speakers, that is a miracle… Nando Parrado… Miracle in the Andes… Continue reading Think YOU Have Problems? Think again…