Distraction Conniption: Making Distraction Work For You

Look! A butterfly! Wait, what? … We’ve all been there. In this tech-crazy world, distractions are the norm. We don’t need to let them derail us. Here are some hints on making Distraction a friend instead of an enemy. Image Courtesy Dreamstime   Our entire Continue reading Distraction Conniption: Making Distraction Work For You

How to Learn that New Program Faster

[tweetmeme] “Oh man, I can’t believe they upgraded this operating system! Now I have to learn new software!” Groan After we leave school, we grownups don’t focus much on the learning process.  We’re overwhelmed with two or three new learning curves and we block our Continue reading How to Learn that New Program Faster

3 Ways to Get Un-Stuck!

You are not alone. Everyone struggles with self-motivation. We all have days when we just can’t seem to get things done. Most of us are in overwhelm with the glut of information, the crazy economy, and tryin’ to make it through our days. Chin up! You are in good company. Continue reading 3 Ways to Get Un-Stuck!

Spring Clean Your Brain

Don’t just clean out the house this Spring – Take your brain out and hose it off. Then dance with it for awhile. Continue reading Spring Clean Your Brain

Dying to Blog: Finding Balance in Cyberspace

Couch potatoes have moved to the Office Chair. Sitting in front of your computer for hours at a time isn’t good for you. We’ve lost our way. We aren’t leaving the fronts of our screens (or our iPhone screens, iPad screens, Blackberry Screens… you name it) for very long. Exercise is suffering. Our arteries are just as clogged as if we sat on the couch watching TV all day. Same inactivity, different medium. Continue reading Dying to Blog: Finding Balance in Cyberspace

11 Steps to Declutterize Your Computer

What is lurking in the dark corners of your laptop? If you’ve owned a computer for more than a year, you’ve got clutter on your desktop. Those of us who have had computers for decades have duplicates, old files, corrupted files, useless junk, and more. Continue reading 11 Steps to Declutterize Your Computer

5 “D’s” to Get it Done

he best way to feel good about de-cluttering is to give your cast-offs to a good cause. What group makes you feel good when you support them? Grade Schools can use your old magazines, intermediate and High Schools might want your books. Abused Spouse shelters can use everything – they often leave home with their kids and just the clothes on their backs. Big Brothers & Big Sisters is a wonderful organization. Goodwill and Salvation Army often will come and pick up. Call your favorite charity and lighten your load. Continue reading 5 “D’s” to Get it Done

Getting and Staying Focused

One of the challenges in this world is ((((tweet!))))  Oh, wait, there’s my tweetdeck buzzing. Anyway, one of the challenges is finding a laser focus – one thing at a time. You know ((((tweet!)))) Hold on. Ok – You know, be a postage stamp: stick Continue reading Getting and Staying Focused

Self-Inflicted Brain Freeze

How you’ doin’? After this daily-weekly-hourly buffet of bad news, are you feeling a little stuffed up? Feeling like the world is, indeed, coming to an end? Maybe occasionally wishing it would so you wouldn’t have to worry so much? You are not alone. Solid, Continue reading Self-Inflicted Brain Freeze

Chunks of Time Will Help You Cope with Overwhelm

Do you have too much on your plate right now? The more scary the economy gets, the more we have to focus on those things that will put food on the table and move our businesses forward. We don’t have time to be distracted by Continue reading Chunks of Time Will Help You Cope with Overwhelm