New You Resolutions

So – Day 13 of the New Year. How you doin’ with those resolutions? If they were written out of frustration with yourself, I’ll bet you aren’t on track. It works better to write goals in anticipation of great new changes rather than from being Continue reading New You Resolutions

Can I have a Do-over?

She sat across from me at the restaurant and went down the list of her failures: in relationships, career, family, personal goals. Girlfriends do this with each other … we listen and let our friends vent. It’s good for us: raises the oxytocin levels and Continue reading Can I have a Do-over?

Start Fresh ~ Clear the Clutter

Take some time today to make a sweep of your home. Look for items you can recycle, re-gift, give to charity, toss or shred. The easiest way to do this is to give yourself a time limit. No more than 2 hours to start. Otherwise Continue reading Start Fresh ~ Clear the Clutter