Give Yourself Permission: Want what you want!

Too many of us are afraid to want what we want. Someone asks us what we want out of life and we stumble and say, “Gee, I don’t know… ” As if wanting to better your life or change your circumstances is wrong. It isn’t Continue reading Give Yourself Permission: Want what you want!

Snarky Snippy “Social” Media

We say we are now a “global village.” Yes and no. In a real village, NO ONE was anonymous. If you sneezed at 1 AM in the basement of your home, the entire village would ask about your health the next day. We will not be a “village” until we start to put some filters on our remarks. Continue reading Snarky Snippy “Social” Media

The Wonder of Social Media

Social media has changed the landscape of relationships and connections. Because of social media, I’ve been delighted to discover the “other Beth Terry’s” out in cyberspace.  We are finding that we are very similar. This morning, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Beth Terry Continue reading The Wonder of Social Media

Inexpensive Holiday Entertainment

Pay attention while you are out and about getting ready for the Holidays. Humans make for interesting entertainment. I am at the Post office. Lines are long as Arizona residents struggle with the notion of 75º afternoons and Christmas only two weeks away. Here is Continue reading Inexpensive Holiday Entertainment

Networking a Life Saver in a Down Economy

Harvey MacKay wrote a book about it: “Dig Your Well Before You Need it.” He said you need to get your ducks in a row when things are going great, and not wait until your life or business is hanging by a thread. To me, Continue reading Networking a Life Saver in a Down Economy