What Matters Most

It’s important to remember what really matters: · The love & support of friends and family · A healthy body & mind · A Resilient Spirit Each of these feeds the other, and without them we are poor, indeed. No amount of money can buy Continue reading What Matters Most

Think YOU Have Problems? Think again…

We sat riveted: the room was eerily silent. For a conference luncheon packed with 1,300 Professional Speakers, that is a miracle… Nando Parrado… Miracle in the Andes… Continue reading Think YOU Have Problems? Think again…

Unconnected Disconnected Discombobulated

872 emails 25 Texts 18 voice mails glaring blog absence I spent the first part of last week in Coolidge, Arizona. A city so small they still have a population and elevation sign as you enter town. I drove back to Phoenix and hopped a Continue reading Unconnected Disconnected Discombobulated

Community Community, we all need community

When Patricia Hearst was kidnapped back in the 70’s (yes, I’m dating myself), they were able to brainwash her by telling her no one cared about her. They kept her isolated from community, and it wasn’t long before they were able to manipulate her. We Continue reading Community Community, we all need community