Grateful Thoughts

We create Hope by being Grateful. I am concerned for all the things listed above. I send good thoughts, donations of time and money, and visualize it being taken care of, visualize it healing. I can’t do it all. I am pedaling as fast as I can. That is Resilience. I keep getting up every morning and looking toward the future with Hope and a plan. And if that plan doesn’t work, I come up with a new one. Resilience again. Continue reading Grateful Thoughts

Benefits of Adversity

“Sweet are the uses of Adversity.”   Shakespeare Five hundred years ago that was true, it’s true today. This whole mess we are in has some silver linings. People are rethinking financial plans; looking at  Real Estate differently; re-purposing the stuff in the storage shed; re-assessing Continue reading Benefits of Adversity

You Might Be Mistaken

“Entertain the possibility that you may be mistaken.” That was my daily thought a few weeks ago from Ralph Marston. I enjoy receiving his notes daily (think you Tom Miura for the gift!) and usually they will stay with me a day or two. This Continue reading You Might Be Mistaken

Our Intrepid Settlers and Relativity

None of us knows the future. Of course, none of us ever did. In truth, we are in the exact position we have been forever. We may have thought we had plans, but, as the cliché goes: “Life Turns on a Dime.” Right now, you have exactly as much information about the world around you and your future as you ever had. In fact, you have an advantage. Now you KNOW that you Don’t Know! How exciting is that! Yes, ignorance has been bliss. And, Oh well. Continue reading Our Intrepid Settlers and Relativity

Hope in a 6-year Old Package

This little girl is amazing… even softened the heart of cranky ol’ Simon Cowell. Take 4 minutes out of your day and find Hope again. Connie Talbot has been singing since she was two! Can you imagine your two-year old toddling over to the karaoke Continue reading Hope in a 6-year Old Package

Why we will be better off … eventually

I realized this morning how much smarter I am now about my business and my life. This insanity has forced me to pay much closer attention than I ever have. I’m having to dig deeper into my inner resources, and I’m looking up and around Continue reading Why we will be better off … eventually

Unbelievable Courage and Inspiration

Bookmark Nick’s site so you can watch him talk over and over. What an amazing young man. His motto: “No Arms, No Legs, No worries!” Click here and be inspired. Keep Hope Alive! Beth

“In This Tough Economy…”

Are you as tired of that phrase as I am? Media pundits are out there vying to be first with the gloomiest, “doomiest” predictions about our future. You might think there’s an award for being the first to predict the collapse of the whole human Continue reading “In This Tough Economy…”

Holiday Gift for my Readers

As much as I want you to stand up and be counted, I also want you to have the energy and the confidence to keep moving forward. In that spirit, I created two f_ree ebooks to lift you up and give you some courage. One is for Managers and Business Owners who are trying to motivate their employees during this economic insanity. The second is for everyone trying to find their way out of this mess. They are simple PDF files, about a dozen pages long. Easy to download and easy to view over and over. You will find them here. Continue reading Holiday Gift for my Readers

Inexpensive Holiday Entertainment

Pay attention while you are out and about getting ready for the Holidays. Humans make for interesting entertainment. I am at the Post office. Lines are long as Arizona residents struggle with the notion of 75º afternoons and Christmas only two weeks away. Here is Continue reading Inexpensive Holiday Entertainment