Packing for 2011

Holidays are always a time of reflection. Years and Birthdays ending in Zero seem to impact us more than others. As this year and decade come to a close and we move into another year ending in “1”, decide what you will take with you Continue reading Packing for 2011

Take it In

Halloween is one of my favorite days. Not all the goofy adult parties and costumes, but the tiny ones that come to my door, all wrapped up in their fantasy costumes. Some for the first or second time. Kids still unabashedly excited about the prospect Continue reading Take it In

The Law of Attraction… Or is it “Attention?”

[tweetmeme] I don’t know what all the fuss is these days about the Law of Attraction, as if it’s a new idea that attitude determines our altitude. I’m thinkin’ “attraction” isn’t even the right word… maybe it should be called “The law of attention.” Isn’t Continue reading The Law of Attraction… Or is it “Attention?”

What’s YOUR Expiration Date?

What if you could use a magic light to read your expiration date, maybe on the bottom of your foot… Would it change how you live? Do you have forever? Or do you have another week? Continue reading What’s YOUR Expiration Date?

5 Ways to Beat the Holiday Blues

Ahhh, Christmas. The songs. The decorations. The stuff we can’t afford. The pricey things we bought last year and forgot about, only to find them amongst the leftover Christmas wrapping this year. The headlong rush to find happiness at Target. The crushing debt come January 15th. (Personally, I would guess January as the worst month of all…) Continue reading 5 Ways to Beat the Holiday Blues