Leonard Nimoy’s Garden

Choices ©BethTerry.com

Just before we lost the incomparable Leonard Nimoy I started my Spring garden. In Phoenix we plant herbs and veggies outside in February ahead of the stifling summer heat. Watching the miracle of tiny seeds transforming into lettuce, tomatoes, dill, basil and all the other Continue reading Leonard Nimoy’s Garden

The Gift of Trouble

Most of us wander through life without clear and focused goals. We get up in the morning and go on automatic pilot. One recent study (I don’t know who funds these things!) said when you bathe you start washing yourself in exactly the same place Continue reading The Gift of Trouble

On Grief ~ Renewal ~ Resurrection

For two months I have slogged through life. Some days brighter than others. Still doing my job. Still able to “show up” on stage and be present for others. But my heart hasn’t been in it. I wouldn’t say I’ve been depressed. To me, that Continue reading On Grief ~ Renewal ~ Resurrection

Four Ways to Stay Motivated

Times are uncertain. (Newsflash: times have ALWAYS been uncertain.) Granted, things are a bit shaky now. Taking care of yourself and keeping yourself focused and motivated is one positive way to make the world better because you were here for awhile. Whether you are an Continue reading Four Ways to Stay Motivated

The REAL Secret? Pay Attention!

I used to joke that I could probably make a million bucks if I put an ad in the paper reading: Guaranteed method for beating all speeding tickets. Send $5! I was married to a cop at the time, so people were constantly asking me Continue reading The REAL Secret? Pay Attention!

Creating Your “Personal Business Plan”

You are the owner of your future, and like all business owners, it’s important to have a plan. Solid plans come from wrestling with yourself and asking the right questions. The answers lie inside you. Give yourself the gift of time to find them. For Continue reading Creating Your “Personal Business Plan”

5 Secrets for a Better 2010

So much of what we buy is forgotten within weeks or months. Do you need that? Will it put you in a financial bind? What do you expect to happen if you buy it? Does it make sense? If you wait, what will happen? What won’t happen? After asking those questions, if it makes sense, do it. But ask first. Continue reading 5 Secrets for a Better 2010

Give Yourself Permission

Stop second guessing yourself. Give yourself permission to want what you want. Get out of your own way! IMHO people don’t get their Resolutions because they THINK they are supposed to write things that everyone else writes. Continue reading Give Yourself Permission

Putting Legs on Your Resolutions

A Resolution is not an end in itself, it’s a roadmap for the journey. You have chosen your destination. You have declared your intention. You have laid the map out on the table. Now what? Continue reading Putting Legs on Your Resolutions