The REAL Secret? Pay Attention!

I used to joke that I could probably make a million bucks if I put an ad in the paper reading: Guaranteed method for beating all speeding tickets. Send $5! I was married to a cop at the time, so people were constantly asking me Continue reading The REAL Secret? Pay Attention!

Creating Your “Personal Business Plan”

You are the owner of your future, and like all business owners, it’s important to have a plan. Solid plans come from wrestling with yourself and asking the right questions. The answers lie inside you. Give yourself the gift of time to find them. For Continue reading Creating Your “Personal Business Plan”

Getting and Staying Focused

One of the challenges in this world is ((((tweet!))))  Oh, wait, there’s my tweetdeck buzzing. Anyway, one of the challenges is finding a laser focus – one thing at a time. You know ((((tweet!)))) Hold on. Ok – You know, be a postage stamp: stick Continue reading Getting and Staying Focused

Chunks of Time Will Help You Cope with Overwhelm

Do you have too much on your plate right now? The more scary the economy gets, the more we have to focus on those things that will put food on the table and move our businesses forward. We don’t have time to be distracted by Continue reading Chunks of Time Will Help You Cope with Overwhelm