Social Media Fatigue

~ Post every day ~ Don’t post every day ~ You must use Google+ ~ Google+ isn’t ready for primetime ~ Update your SEO ~ SEO is old school ~ If you’re not on Facebook, you don’t exist ~ LinkedIn is better than Facebook ~ Continue reading Social Media Fatigue

Setting Boundaries ~ Creating Resilient Kids

While waiting for my sandwich at a restaurant I watched the 20-year old behind the counter. Not once did he make eye contact. He was completely lost in a simple human-to-human contact situation. Looking around I saw tables filled with teens and twenty-somethings staring at Continue reading Setting Boundaries ~ Creating Resilient Kids

Social Media is the Bar Scene from Star Wars™

Cyberspace is packed with characters, weirdos, sweethearts, fascinating writers, boring idiots, stalkers, criminals, and hacks. And they all gather at the pool bar called Social Media. It’s fascinating and time consuming, sometimes time-wasting to hang out there. And it has become the focus around which Continue reading Social Media is the Bar Scene from Star Wars™

Social Media Snit

Here’s the deal — All social networking — actually, all networking — is about relationship. It takes time to develop. It doesn’t happen in an instant, at least not the great relationships that are worth tending. Continue reading Social Media Snit

Our Rapidly Diminishing Vocabulary

It’s hard to believe, but internet madness has REALLY been in our consciousness for only a decade. Our youngsters are growing up with tech tools as a given. We codgers are adapting at record pace to keep up. Some younger readers following this blog will Continue reading Our Rapidly Diminishing Vocabulary

Community Community, we all need community

When Patricia Hearst was kidnapped back in the 70’s (yes, I’m dating myself), they were able to brainwash her by telling her no one cared about her. They kept her isolated from community, and it wasn’t long before they were able to manipulate her. We Continue reading Community Community, we all need community

Social Networking Overwhelm

I have an invitation on my desktop to join something called WAYN (where are you now?) I’m on LinkedIn, I’m supposed to join FaceBook and MySpace. It was recommended I hook up to Twitter. I’m a moderator on three Yahoo e-groups and a member of Continue reading Social Networking Overwhelm