On Parenting and Babies

Many couples are questioning the wisdom of raising children at this time in our history. Some feel pressure, and some  aren’t ready. A reader just sent me this: “Beth: This irritates me. Do some woman exaggerate their love of children so they’ll seem more  perfect?  Continue reading On Parenting and Babies

Four Ways to Stay Motivated

Times are uncertain. (Newsflash: times have ALWAYS been uncertain.) Granted, things are a bit shaky now. Taking care of yourself and keeping yourself focused and motivated is one positive way to make the world better because you were here for awhile. Whether you are an Continue reading Four Ways to Stay Motivated

How did we get here?

We are the sum total of our choices. “We” meaning this country, this world, your family, your friends, YOU, Me. Each taking different roads. We make choices. Sometimes the choice is to NOT make a choice – and in that case, someone else makes the choice for us. Continue reading How did we get here?

Benefits of Adversity

“Sweet are the uses of Adversity.”   Shakespeare Five hundred years ago that was true, it’s true today. This whole mess we are in has some silver linings. People are rethinking financial plans; looking at  Real Estate differently; re-purposing the stuff in the storage shed; re-assessing Continue reading Benefits of Adversity

“In This Tough Economy…”

Are you as tired of that phrase as I am? Media pundits are out there vying to be first with the gloomiest, “doomiest” predictions about our future. You might think there’s an award for being the first to predict the collapse of the whole human Continue reading “In This Tough Economy…”

Eventually… The World DOES Bounce Back

We’ve been here before. Maybe the players were different, the causes were different; but our race – the human race – has weathered storms like this. The US is a teenager. We are just a little over 200 years old. In the grand scheme of Continue reading Eventually… The World DOES Bounce Back

Everybody Take A Deep Breath!

The media just loves to stir the pot and make us all believe the end of the world is near. We all know bad news sells newspapers! Yet, we take most of our cues from headlines, don’t do our own research, and typically jump on board with the sheep if we’re not careful. Continue reading Everybody Take A Deep Breath!

Focus on the Good Stuff … The Economy will come back

It’s halfway through May and the people who actually meant their New Years’ Resolutions are still showing up at the gym. A woman with a Raphaelite body creeps in and tries to hide out at the back of the aerobics class. I restrain an impulse Continue reading Focus on the Good Stuff … The Economy will come back

The Gift of Adversity

I’m in Hawaii right now working with several clients on Managing Change. The thought that adversity could be good for you often throws them, especially with this mortgage meltdown and the scary economy. Adversity is a powerful teacher for those who pay attention. Each tragic, Continue reading The Gift of Adversity