Parallel Universes Revisited

Do you believe in Parallel Universes? I do. You would say yes if you think about it. I pipe in relaxing music when I’m getting a room ready for a speaking or training session. This time I played a friend’s rendition of Pachelbel Canon in Continue reading Parallel Universes Revisited

What are your choices?

Life is a roller coaster. Unless you live alone in a cave, you will run into people and situations that unnerve you. What can you do? I’ve had three situations in the past month: A thief stole my debit card and tried to charge hundreds Continue reading What are your choices?

Why we will be better off … eventually

I realized this morning how much smarter I am now about my business and my life. This insanity has forced me to pay much closer attention than I ever have. I’m having to dig deeper into my inner resources, and I’m looking up and around Continue reading Why we will be better off … eventually

Resilience of the Human Spirit

This Youtube Video says it all. A group of Brits got together in the Liverpool station to make an ad for T-mobile. It brings tears to my eyes. Watch how strangers got involved, and how a simple thing like dancing for 10 minutes brought people Continue reading Resilience of the Human Spirit

The Key to Success in 2009: Collaboration and Planning

Remember, when you succeed, we all do.
Small businesses are the most powerful Economic Engine in the world! I believe the small business people of the world are the ones who will pull the world back from the brink of economic disaster. I believe you can do this. Let’s save the world together, one small business at a time! Continue reading The Key to Success in 2009: Collaboration and Planning