Get Out of Holiday Overwhelm!

Your friends love you. Your family loves you. Your clients are in overwhelm, too. Do the best you can. If you didn’t get cards, gifts or greetings out for your favorite holiday in time, send something anyway. Make it a New Year’s greeting. You probably Continue reading Get Out of Holiday Overwhelm!

Merry Christmas – there, I said it

I’m going to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I don’t understand all the kerfluffle about this anyway. It’s getting a little annoying, this walking on rice paper to avoid “offending someone.” Who is this humorless “someone” anyway? And why are people offended if you Continue reading Merry Christmas – there, I said it

How Many Christmases Do You Get?

Little Alisha wanted to know how old I was, so instead of asking directly, she crawled up on my lap on the swing and asked me, “Aunty Beth, how many Christmases have you had?” When I told her, she thought about that for awhile, then Continue reading How Many Christmases Do You Get?

Five Survival Tips for the Holidaze

It’s the crazy season! A woman pepper sprays a crowd over a stack of towels at WalMart. A gang lies in wait in the parking lot to mug the “Black Friday” shoppers. A rival gang mugs the muggers… Are you watching the news and shaking Continue reading Five Survival Tips for the Holidaze

Packing for 2011

Holidays are always a time of reflection. Years and Birthdays ending in Zero seem to impact us more than others. As this year and decade come to a close and we move into another year ending in “1”, decide what you will take with you Continue reading Packing for 2011

What’s YOUR Expiration Date?

What if you could use a magic light to read your expiration date, maybe on the bottom of your foot… Would it change how you live? Do you have forever? Or do you have another week? Continue reading What’s YOUR Expiration Date?

Holiday Gift for my Readers

As much as I want you to stand up and be counted, I also want you to have the energy and the confidence to keep moving forward. In that spirit, I created two f_ree ebooks to lift you up and give you some courage. One is for Managers and Business Owners who are trying to motivate their employees during this economic insanity. The second is for everyone trying to find their way out of this mess. They are simple PDF files, about a dozen pages long. Easy to download and easy to view over and over. You will find them here. Continue reading Holiday Gift for my Readers