Life is not a straight line

On my dad’s wall was a quote by John Shedd, “A ship in the harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships were built for.” I thought of this when I heard a woman on the Dr. Phil show complaining it was hard to meet Continue reading Life is not a straight line

About Those Habits

This is a wonderful article from NPR – thanks to Aaron Karmin for bringing it to my attention on his blog Anger Management: Habits: How they form and how to break them From the article: It turns out that every habit starts with a psychological Continue reading About Those Habits

The Trouble is in the Gap

We all have Gaps in our lives, and therein lies The Trouble. Some of the Gaps are between: Expectations and Reality Money we have and money we need Information we have and the Facts Intention and Action Ideas and Execution Who we are and Who Continue reading The Trouble is in the Gap

7 Phrases to Avoid at Thanksgiving Dinner

So, how do you have a Happy Thanksgiving? How do you navigate the treacherous waters of the Holidays with most of your hair intact and your brain cells un-fried? Get thee centered. Take a deep breath. Don’t impose your memories on anyone else, and deflect others when they try to impose old baggage on you. Have a plan. Continue reading 7 Phrases to Avoid at Thanksgiving Dinner

Good Midwestern Common Sense

“Make Do or Do Without. Use it up or Throw it out.” I grew up with those words. In the Midwest, parents, siblings, school mates, friend’s parents – everyone pushed us to be: Resourceful! Creative Independent Thinkers Hard Workers Compassionate about others’ struggles Kind Truth Continue reading Good Midwestern Common Sense

Life Turns on a Dime

Somewhere a young woman is falling in love. Somewhere a man is thinking of buying a ring. Somewhere else a couple is ending their relationship. Over there a baby draws its first breath and across town an old man draws his last. Somewhere a young soldier has just died for his country. Somewhere else a soldier saves another’s life Continue reading Life Turns on a Dime

When Losing is Winning

These are serious times. There are an abundance of Lessons to be learned and Changes to be made. In the midst of these, you have some opportunities to make critical life decisions. Take a deep breath and be willing to keep working on the solution that is uniquely right for you. Continue reading When Losing is Winning

Holding on; Letting go; Changing

Picture your sweet 6-month old infant in her crib. You play peek-a-boo and she giggles. You scrunch your nose up and she giggles again. You pick up this tiny, sweet bundle of joy in your arms. You hold her to your face and you say, Continue reading Holding on; Letting go; Changing

Hopeful in Spite of it All

The news tugs at the side of my consciousness. I watch it from time to time, but have decided not to let it rule my day. I think it was Mark Victor Hansen who once described the news as “The same bad stuff happening to Continue reading Hopeful in Spite of it All