Resilience Step #2 – Perspective

Here’s a hint – Don’t watch shows about the end of the world before you go to bed. I turned on The History Channel’s After Armageddon the other night, and was STILL awake at 3 AM.

Even though I’m more fond of science than superstition, it was compelling to watch the scenes of the family struggling after water, electricity, communications, sewer, and “normal” life had become nonexistent. The benefit of a program like that is to make you look around and take stock of those things you have taken for granted.

Many have seen an email going around that asks: Did you eat today? Were you able to read this? Do you have someone who loves you? All those are good questions. The Armageddon flick took us to another level. “Does your plumbing work? Does water come out of your tap? Did your heating system work last night as you slept safely under your roof, no matter how fancy? Do you have food in a working refrigerator? Is there gas in your car? Can you pick up a landline or cell phone and call someone you love?” All good questions to wrench us away from a pity party and back to a pretty good life.

The secret to Resilience is in celebrating what you have rather than focusing on what you don’t have. It matters not what you USED TO have. Those days are gone. What do you have now? What are your opportunities and possibilities NOW? What do you have to work with — in both your inner and outer life? One step, and another will take you to the new place.

I pretty much lost everything when I moved to Phoenix after 9/11.  When the stock market and real estate market collapsed recently, I found myself strangely at peace. Then I figured out why – I had ALREADY lost my entire stock portfolio, and lost $50,000 on my house when I sold it to move out of Hawaii. I was at peace because I knew a secret: It  Did  Not  Kill  Me.

Much of the bizarre behavior we are witnessing comes from Fear. It’s a subconscious message that somehow if we lose our possessions, we will evaporate – Poof!   Nah. I’m still here!

Things are weird. There’s no roadmap. No one has been able to accurately predict what will heppen tomorrow, let alone at the dawn of 2011 and beyond. The Fear Mongers are hard at work though. They want to sell you on a miserable future: hopeless and drab. (Notice the astounding number of movies that only show stark, waterless, green-less, mean streets for our future! Our TV’s are filled with crime dramas convincing us the world is a nasty and dangerous place.)

I remember in the 70’s when the book “1984” was the rage. Our world would tumble before the end of the 80’s and despots would rule the ‘end of days!’ Then in the 80’s, more fear flicks took up residence in our heads. And now, a mythical date by a population, that for all intents and purposes most Americans are trying to run out of the US. (Mayans ARE from Mexico these days! Just sayin’…)

For the record, when the Julian calendar turned into the Gregorian calendar, mistakes were made. To keep this short, we are about 4 years and a month or so off on our current calendar. Essentially,  12/21/12 already happened sometime in October of 2008… if ya wanna get technical.

On top of that, since the planets are not stationery, a few positions have changed since we started being interested in things astrological. So, while Astrology says Sagitarrius is from Nov. 23-Dec. 21, Astronomy says right now it goes from Dec. 18-Jan. 18. So much for reading your horoscope. And, earth is the only planet that cares about a winter solstice (12/21) – and that’s only in the Northern hemisphere. So the whole 12/21/12 thing is just more fear to sell books and movies. (Remember Y2K?)

I only bring this up because we humans have a tendency to get bored and want something to scare us into doing things, or to take our mind off our real problems. Here’s an idea – how about taking your mind off your problems by sitting down and writing a thank you note to yourself for all the good you’ve done, all the neat things you’ve accumulated, all the people who have remained your friends, and all the great things you’ll be motivated to do in the future!

It’s all good…


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Beth Terry, CSP, is a speaker, coach, writer and cowgirl. Her audiences are from around the world: she has spoken to almost half a million people in 6 countries. Her passion is watching the "popcorn popper" go off in people's heads when they 'get it.'

6 Replies to “Resilience Step #2 – Perspective”

  1. Beth, I loved this post and I can’t thank you enough for the news about 12/21/12 being behind us! I shared that with my son (both my sons buy into the 2012 theories to, at least, annoy their mom!) immediately.

    You are the resilience model! It’s interesting that we, as a society, have such an interesting and limited short term memory. We never stop to think of all the resilience we’ve already displayed that proves “that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!”

    Onward and upward, Beth. Thanks for helping us keep it in perspective.

    • Thanks Mimi – happy to annoy your sons right back… LOL That whole thing is just so silly. And when men in suits start to make breathless prognostications about it, one must just pause and ask “Who benefits?” Usually there is a book, or a survival kit, or boxes of food for sale, or similar attached to the conversation. We need to teach our kids better Critical Thinking.

      Happy to help with the perspective. One of my favorite topics.

    • Steph – that’s a great point. We humans have such a limited view of the grand scheme of things. If it doesn’t specifically pertain to us, it’s easy to ignore or downplay. And, it’s an old cliché but it lives on for a reason, “Life turns on a dime.” Nothing is certain or forever. So be in the present, plan for the future, and have a great ride!

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