Resilience of the Human Spirit

This Youtube Video says it all. A group of Brits got together in the Liverpool station to make an ad for T-mobile. It brings tears to my eyes. Watch how strangers got involved, and how a simple thing like dancing for 10 minutes brought people together, uplifted them, and made them smile. What better way to spend 10 minutes? your day? Your life?

Videos like this give me hope that we will get out of this Speculation TailSpin and turn ourselves around. We humans are capable of anything once we put our minds to it. This shows how much better we are in collaboration with others.

Make sure you watch both the video and this one that tells how they did it The planning in itself is a wonderful testament to the warmth and joy in the human experience.

The director summed it up, “The real magic exists when you are able to convince the general public to join in and do what you are doing.”

I can’t help but notice that we humans love to be “in” on the secret. We love the element of surprise and play. Grandma was right, “no one ever makes it past the age of 12.” And maybe that’s the secret to a happy life.

Go dance today. Embrace your inner 12 year old. Create Joy around you no matter what’s going on in your life. Watch these videos two or three times and you’ll feel better. I know I did.



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  1. This just in from my friend Gwen:

    Thanks Gwen!

    Again, this video showing a guy named Matt dancing all over the world, reminds us that we are not all that different! We humans really do want to dance, laugh, sing, love, be loved, be at peace.

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