Resilience – Finding Inner Strength

It’s dicey out there! Buckle up, the ride isn’t over yet! People are reporting feeling more stressed now than they did one year ago according to the American Psychological Association. But it doesn’t have to derail you.

What can YOU do about your own stress levels?

(I know every single motivator in the universe uses this analogy — but we do because it’s true!) Just as the airlines tell you to put on your oxygen mask before you assist another person, your task is to increase your

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inner resilience before you can assist anyone else.

Each of us possesses an inner core that is stronger than we realize.

Each of us possesses an inner core that is stronger than we realize. Some of our strength is impacted by our upbringing: positive feedback versus negative feedback; positive and resourceful role models versus living with those who give up or are discouraged easily.

If you are like me, you may have had both. I used to joke that growing up in my house was like drinking coffee and eating ice cream at the same time. My father always saw the cup as three quarters full, while my mother’s favorite words were “terrible,” and “it’s too hard…” The hot and cold of the attitude stream was enough to make anyone crazy. It has certainly manifested in interesting ways throughout my family.

In the end, we all have choices about our attitudes and how we choose to view our reality

In the end, we all have choices about our attitudes and how we choose to view our reality. I’m the first to admit we’re hampered by our pasts and occasionally by our biology. Yet, at what point do we begin to live our own lives and let negative experiences simply become lessons and guideposts?

Resilience is defined as the inner capacity to cope with stressors in a positive way. If you are resilient, you have the ability to manage past, present, and future stressful events. You are able to use your inner resources to remain competent, skillful, and focused on your goals in the face of adversity. You also recover more quickly from illness and setbacks than less resilient people.

How do you tap this resilience that exists within you? Here are a few things that work

  1. Develop healthy detachment from stressful situations
  2. Create a network of social support
  3. Focus on solving problems rather than casting blame
  4. Choose to find silver linings or lessons in every experience
  5. Read motivating and inspirational books
  6. Seek help and talk about frustrations with trusted people
  7. Belief in yourself and your ability to make it through
  8. Belief in a higher power
  9. Play:  Remember you need to get out and relax

Believe enough in yourself to know you are worth the effort it takes to develop your inner resilience. The world is crazy enough. We don’t need any more unbalanced people. We need you to be healthy and resilient. So take care of yourselves!

Enjoy Today!




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