Life is not a straight line

On my dad’s wall was a quote by John Shedd, “A ship in the harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships were built for.”

I thought of this when I heard a woman on the Dr. Phil show complaining it was hard to meet good men. She confessed she was a “homebody” and didn’t go out much. Dr. Phil’s response was, “If ya never leave your house, he’s gonna have to throw himself on the hood of your car to meet ya!”


The secret to happiness is getting outside your comfort zone, knocking your “normalcy bias” and your “situational bias” out the window, and taking some risks.

The secret to happiness is getting outside your comfort zone, knocking your “normalcy bias” and your “situational bias” out the window, and taking some risks.

Kids dream of the perfect life as a grown up. Most of us believed that once we got to that dream career, found that dream

Life is a Crooked Journey

house, and found the dream family, all would be well in our world for ever and ever, amen. We believed we would reach nirvana and all would stop and hover there till we died.

With age we discovered that goals, dreams, and life change quickly. Maybe the dream job wasn’t what we thought it was. The trip of a lifetime turned out to be just an interesting journey. We realized that owning a home requires a lot of maintenance and extra financial burdens we hadn’t anticipated. That dream of a perfect family came with a lot of baggage (including our own.)

Don’t be discouraged by shifts in dreams and priorities. This is just LIFE: like the steady beat of the ocean waves, it is always and forever changing.

Take risks! Step outside your normal life. There will always be false starts and dead ends. You may not find gold at the end of that rainbow, but you had a great time on the trip there! You may finally meet your ‘ideal mate’ and discover they don’t fill you with the joy you anticipated.

The important question is this – did you learn something about yourself in the process? Taking a risk and going on that road less traveled might not yield what you expected, but there will always be a lesson and another signpost on the way home to yourself.

Life is not a straight line. Things don’t always turn out the way we wish they would. And in looking back, we might discover had we gotten our wish, we’d be worse off, not better.

Perhaps what causes the most unrest in our hearts is the notion that Life SHOULD be fair; Life SHOULD be a straight line; and Life SHOULD always be peaceful and serene.

When we stop “shoulding” we find it easier to hold on and enjoy the ride over these bumpy roads and wild turns. Expecting to find potholes instead of a smooth road helps us think ahead and prepare.

Hope for the best, plan to be jolted awake occasionally, and find peace somewhere in the middle…


Enjoy the Ride!



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    • Hi Trish – LOL – good one. I have always loved that quote too. I imagine with all that’s going on in the world, a lot of us would love to just find our own “safe harbor” and hide out till things settled down. That’s not how things get done, however!

      Hope your Mum’s day was great and you have a wonderful week! Thanks for always checking in.

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