Leonard Nimoy’s Garden

Just before we lost the incomparable Leonard Nimoy I started my Spring garden. In Phoenix we plant herbs and veggies outside in February ahead of the stifling summer heat. Watching the miracle of tiny seeds transforming into lettuce, tomatoes, dill, basil and all the other herbs is a great reminder of the never ending life cycle. We plant with hope and a faith that something wonderful will come of our efforts.

leonard nimoy Leonard Nimoy’s tweet was a humble reminder to do the same with our lives: Plant our own life garden, create a plan, water and nurture it, then let it blossom.

Spring is a time of renewal and reflection. A time to look at the blossoms and fruit from all the seeds you’ve planted over the years, whether you are 20 or 80.
~ What have you done?
~ What is left undone?
~ What makes you proud?
~ What are you not so sure about?
~ What’s next?
~ How will you contribute the fruits of your labors?

When you’re a highly creative person, you may be overwhelmed by the answers to those questions. As I survey my files and stacks of creative projects, I realize I’ve got more than a dozen unfinished works: screenplays, books, a sci-fi novel/film/video game, several workshops in vastly different arenas. What to do? Which to water and nurture today? How to get them ready for primetime?

My office is the paper equivalent of my front yard. I wandered out there a few years back and tossed hundreds of seeds into the wind, not knowing where they would land. Here’s the net result 4 years later:

My African Daisy Front yard
My African Daisy Front yard

My new backyard garden is the same. Tiny lettuce seeds smaller than the period on this sentence created plants that contribute to my dinner every night. I even had a surprise – a hitchhiker showed up that looks like Bok Choy. It’s a treat to harvest fresh greens that I planted myself, even my hitchhiker plant tastes great!My garden 2015And there’s the gift in planting seeds. Sometimes you think you’re planting one thing and you get a wonderful serendipitous surprise.

What’s in YOUR garden? What do you contribute to a world that needs the healthy and colorful fruits of your labor. As my grandmother once said, “Don’t forget honey, you aren’t done until you’re six feet under. And if you do things right, what you planted will live on after you.”

Happy Gardening and Happy Spring!
May your garden overflow with great things.

© 2015 Beth Terry, CSP

Dedicated to the inspirational and abundantly creative Leonard Nimoy.

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