Inexpensive Holiday Entertainment

Pay attention while you are out and about getting ready for the Holidays. Humans make for interesting entertainment.

I am at the Post office. Lines are long as Arizona residents struggle with the notion of 75º afternoons and Christmas only two weeks away. Here is a mother with twins, trying to juggle packages and frisky, beautiful 6-year-old twin girls, talking excitedly about Santa. She is concerned for their safety and still needs to get her errands handled. There is an old woman with packages ready to mail. She spent the last week baking cookies and finding little trinkets on her limited budget for her myriad collection of grandchildren. Twinkling with pride, she tells me about several of them and how carefully she had picked their gifts.

Over in the corner a man is slumped over, waiting to pick up a package. He hasn’t done this before. He asked me how you navigate these long lines. I showed him the automated postal machine by the door. You see, his ex-wife always handled this kind of stuff and he’s lost.

In line we watch a news report on the latest economic disaster. People look away. Maybe it’s a movie. Maybe we’ll wake up tomorrow and none of this is happening.

Do you see them around you? People watching is not only great entertainment, it’s great education. We’re all connected. Humans are weird, ornery, peculiar and wildly interesting creatures. None of us are as predictable as we think. Pay attention. Connect. “They” really aren’t much different from you and me. It doesn’t matter what their shape is: young, old; petite or extra large; varying shades of the rainbow in color, religion, culture.

Most of us have similar day-to-day concerns. We are complicated and also very simple. We might express our take on the world differently. We might have different levels of ambition and drive. And yet, there are three things that we want out of life. 1) We want to make it through our day. 2) We want to better ourselves in some way. 3) We want to take care of something or someone we love.

We are driven to go shopping for our loved ones; to stand in long lines at the stores and then the Post office to take care of them. We drive sometimes recklessly to get to the hospital or home to care for that special someone or special pet. We need to love and be loved.

The secret of life? Connectivity. We all need to be connected somehow to something or someone. It is through connections with others that we know ourselves. It is the absence of connection that drives us crazy.

Connectivity softens our spirit and, at the same time, the expression on our face. Want to know why some people are more successful and “lucky?” They are better at connecting with the other humans around them. Their spirit is generous and their countenance alone brings peace to complete strangers. Smiles and a peaceful countenance are infectious. The smile you give someone today might be the only one they’ve gotten in months.

We usually wear the same “running my errand” mask when we are out and about. Want to find the person behind that mask? Want to be someone who brings joy into the world instead of more pain? Try smiling at strangers in line or making an offhand remark. Some will be so startled they will only glare back. Oh well. But most will break into a smile or a funny face. There’s a person in there. Realizing that is a first step towards sanity and consciousness. You can lift someone’s day just by seeing them as a human being. In the process, you lift yourself.

Try it, it is good for your heart, your soul and your complexion.
Take care of yourself, we need you. We need you to connect.

“The resilience of the human spirit;
the need to connect,

is ultimately
what will save us from ourselves.
In this life, Love.”

Beth Terry
From ‘Voice of an Angel’
Walking in a Crowd of Angels

© 2008 Beth Terry Seminars, Inc.

About Beth Terry

Beth Terry, CSP, is a speaker, coach, writer and cowgirl. Her audiences are from around the world: she has spoken to almost half a million people in 6 countries. Her passion is watching the "popcorn popper" go off in people's heads when they 'get it.'

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