Get Out of Holiday Overwhelm!

holiday lights
Holidays Got you tangled up like tree lights?

Your friends love you. Your family loves you. Your clients are in overwhelm, too. Do the best you can. If you didn’t get cards, gifts or greetings out for your favorite holiday in time, send something anyway. Make it a New Year’s greeting.

You probably won’t find that “perfect” gift. It’s OK.
If the recipient isn’t grateful for the effort, rethink the recipient.
If someone doesn’t get you the perfect gift, Oh WELL!
Smile and say “thank you.”
I’ve noticed the more willing I am to give other people a break, the more willing they are to give me a break.

Be more awake than usual when out and about. Traffic is insane! Drivers aren’t paying all that much attention to you. You need your hip boots and helmets just to go through a mall parking lot! I’ve been parking way out on the edges. I’d rather walk than drive around for an hour looking for a space 40 feet closer to the door. (Then again, I’m in Phoenix!)

There’s a lot going on this year. Most people are feeling the stress. Take a deep breath and take a moment for yourself. Then pick up the phone and call the ones you really love. Who knows, it may be your last chance to send your love.

Love my new red cowgirl boots!

If you can’t go ‘over the hills and through the woods’ to see loved ones, get a Skype account or do a Google Chat with the whole kit’n’caboodle.

Now – go pour yourself a nice cup of hot chocolate (spiced with whatever adult beverage makes you happy, or not) sit back, listen to music, enjoy the beauty of the season, and say your gratitudes for all the good things and wonderful people in your life.

Life is good. Humans are nuts. Friends and Family are priceless.

Merry Everything!

All the best in the new year,


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