Did You Know Steve Jobs?

Didn’t we all? Whether you were a Mac Freak (I’ve been one since 1984) or — as we like to call it, “computing from the dark side” on a PC, who DIDN’T know Steve Jobs?

We will miss you

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He was our hero. He inspired us. He was one of those “made it in his mom’s garage” guys. He frustrated us. Confounded us. And made us better. Without his vision most of us wouldn’t be on personal computers. Yes, there’s those other guys – that Gates character and the H and P guys. And of course, our beloved Twitter pal, Guy Kawasaki.

But Steve – that glint in your eyes. That focus. Those ideas that came out of nowhere – well, and also from Wozniak’s brain.

We waited for your annual declarations. We raised eyebrows in consternation at your exit to NEXT. What the hell was that about? And we rejoiced when you came home again.

We bought iPhones, iTunes, iPads (even though I still can’t figure out why I need both a laptop AND an iPad.)  And we felt a kinship with all who proudly wore that bitten apple pasted on their notebooks, car windows, and even as tattoos.

You inspired more generations than you will ever know.

I knew you were sick, buddy. But when I heard you had hit the escape key for the last time, I cried. I cried for all the inventions that will not make it to market. For all the new visions you would have / could have had well into your 90’s. I cried because there are so many others who have done absolutely nothing with their lives; who have done nothing to contribute to the well being of this planet. And they are still here. And you are not.

We miss you Steve.

I feel as if my brother has died.

Hey Steve – Rest in peace.

And please send inspiration, commitment, and drive to some deserving youngsters who can follow in your footsteps and create the NEXT thing.

See ya on the other side,



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2 Replies to “Did You Know Steve Jobs?”

    • Thanks Ron. Here’s hoping he is showing up in the dreams of our young innovators-to-be and inspiring a continuation of his efforts. He will long be regarded along the likes of Ben Franklin and Edison.
      thanks for writing,

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