Come Visit the New Site

Greetings to my subscribers!

You haven’t seen me posting here because I’m working on a new blog that will take the place of Cactus Wrangler. I’ve noticed that people have the attention span these days of a gnat on crack! So I’m doing shorter posts with photos. I hope you’ll visit the new blog and sign up there. I will also be sending out an invitation to subscribe as soon as I can figure out how to do it! 😉

I hope you enjoy — I used that title in honor of my Dad who reminded me as I left for college that everyone feels lost now and again, everyone feels a little insecure and everyone questions themselves. He wanted me to feel at home with whomever I met. It worked!!

Please check out the blog, read some of the older posts and Enjoy!  I would love some comments as well – I need to know how it’s “reading” out there on all the different devices. Add your own comments and Ideas to the mix.

Thanks for your support on Cactus Wrangler all these years!


Would love to hear your thoughts!

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