Social Media Fatigue

~ Post every day ~ Don’t post every day ~ You must use Google+ ~ Google+ isn’t ready for primetime ~ Update your SEO ~ SEO is old school ~ If you’re not on Facebook, you don’t exist ~ LinkedIn is better than Facebook ~ Continue reading Social Media Fatigue

Those Pesky Millenials

The media is full of handwringing about those pesky Millenials! What to do, what to do?! Thought I’d weigh in since I raised 4 of them, and trained many thousands more. When your baby was learning to walk, you didn’t criticize when they fell down. Continue reading Those Pesky Millenials

Luddite or TechnoAddict?

As Tech use spikes, so does Brain Research. The burning question on NPR recently – are we addicted? Do video games spike our dopamine receptors? Are we even capable of living an unplugged life? “Smart phones” are called “crackberries” for a reason. I sent that Continue reading Luddite or TechnoAddict?

Snarky Snippy “Social” Media

We say we are now a “global village.” Yes and no. In a real village, NO ONE was anonymous. If you sneezed at 1 AM in the basement of your home, the entire village would ask about your health the next day. We will not be a “village” until we start to put some filters on our remarks. Continue reading Snarky Snippy “Social” Media

The Wonder of Social Media

Social media has changed the landscape of relationships and connections. Because of social media, I’ve been delighted to discover the “other Beth Terry’s” out in cyberspace.  We are finding that we are very similar. This morning, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Beth Terry Continue reading The Wonder of Social Media

Meeting Planners: Hire a Pro

Meeting Planners – do you want to have exciting, wondrous, successful, happy, powerful meetings? Dumb question. Everyone knows we need a shot in the arm these days. People who are attending meetings are not just hoping for the latest data from the industry. Although they Continue reading Meeting Planners: Hire a Pro

“Twitterize” Your Content

[tweetmeme] YouTube and Twitter have irrevocably changed the way we look at the world and gather information. We were already teetering on zero attention span, and… oooh… a shiny object…. where was I … Yes – a short attention span. I just discovered mine is Continue reading “Twitterize” Your Content

Social Media Snit

Here’s the deal — All social networking — actually, all networking — is about relationship. It takes time to develop. It doesn’t happen in an instant, at least not the great relationships that are worth tending. Continue reading Social Media Snit

So You Think You Don’t Need Social Media?

Think Social Media doesn’t matter? Think your ads work better? Think people aren’t talking? In 1980 when I lived in Hawaii, I coined the term “Baby Luau Effect” – We throw a huge party on our children’s first birthdays. The tradition started hundreds of years Continue reading So You Think You Don’t Need Social Media?

Social Networking Overwhelm

I have an invitation on my desktop to join something called WAYN (where are you now?) I’m on LinkedIn, I’m supposed to join FaceBook and MySpace. It was recommended I hook up to Twitter. I’m a moderator on three Yahoo e-groups and a member of Continue reading Social Networking Overwhelm