Get Out of Holiday Overwhelm!

Your friends love you. Your family loves you. Your clients are in overwhelm, too. Do the best you can. If you didn’t get cards, gifts or greetings out for your favorite holiday in time, send something anyway. Make it a New Year’s greeting. You probably Continue reading Get Out of Holiday Overwhelm!

Merry Christmas – there, I said it

I’m going to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I don’t understand all the kerfluffle about this anyway. It’s getting a little annoying, this walking on rice paper to avoid “offending someone.” Who is this humorless “someone” anyway? And why are people offended if you Continue reading Merry Christmas – there, I said it

Social Media Fatigue

~ Post every day ~ Don’t post every day ~ You must use Google+ ~ Google+ isn’t ready for primetime ~ Update your SEO ~ SEO is old school ~ If you’re not on Facebook, you don’t exist ~ LinkedIn is better than Facebook ~ Continue reading Social Media Fatigue

Nekkid on the Web: Adventures in Technology

These last few days have felt as though I wandered naked into a High Society party wearing nothing but rollers and bunny slippers. It’s that nightmare we’ve all had – feeling vulnerable and a little too out of our league. I’ve been online with a Continue reading Nekkid on the Web: Adventures in Technology

Living with a “Monkey Mind?”

TMI! TMI! Information comes flying at us at mach speeds 24/7. And we all know what 24/7 means. We have a collective attention span of a gnat on crack. Back in the 70’s, researchers were worried that fast moving pixels on a TV screen would Continue reading Living with a “Monkey Mind?”

Distraction Conniption: Making Distraction Work For You

Look! A butterfly! Wait, what? … We’ve all been there. In this tech-crazy world, distractions are the norm. We don’t need to let them derail us. Here are some hints on making Distraction a friend instead of an enemy. Image Courtesy Dreamstime   Our entire Continue reading Distraction Conniption: Making Distraction Work For You

Social Media is the Bar Scene from Star Wars™

Cyberspace is packed with characters, weirdos, sweethearts, fascinating writers, boring idiots, stalkers, criminals, and hacks. And they all gather at the pool bar called Social Media. It’s fascinating and time consuming, sometimes time-wasting to hang out there. And it has become the focus around which Continue reading Social Media is the Bar Scene from Star Wars™

3 Ways to Get Un-Stuck!

You are not alone. Everyone struggles with self-motivation. We all have days when we just can’t seem to get things done. Most of us are in overwhelm with the glut of information, the crazy economy, and tryin’ to make it through our days. Chin up! You are in good company. Continue reading 3 Ways to Get Un-Stuck!

Luddite or TechnoAddict?

As Tech use spikes, so does Brain Research. The burning question on NPR recently – are we addicted? Do video games spike our dopamine receptors? Are we even capable of living an unplugged life? “Smart phones” are called “crackberries” for a reason. I sent that Continue reading Luddite or TechnoAddict?

Snarky Snippy “Social” Media

We say we are now a “global village.” Yes and no. In a real village, NO ONE was anonymous. If you sneezed at 1 AM in the basement of your home, the entire village would ask about your health the next day. We will not be a “village” until we start to put some filters on our remarks. Continue reading Snarky Snippy “Social” Media