Social Media Fatigue

~ Post every day ~ Don’t post every day ~ You must use Google+ ~ Google+ isn’t ready for primetime ~ Update your SEO ~ SEO is old school ~ If you’re not on Facebook, you don’t exist ~ LinkedIn is better than Facebook ~ Continue reading Social Media Fatigue

Leaving money on the fitting room floor: #Retail Mistakes

I want retailers to succeed. I especially want my favorite retailers to stay in business. So this is a Retail Resilience Post! I know retailers spend billions of dollars every year trying to improve sales. The brick-and-mortar stores are fighting valiantly against their online competitors. Continue reading Leaving money on the fitting room floor: #Retail Mistakes

Are you an “Expert”?

Henry Ford had an opinion about that…Food for thought: None of our men are “experts.” We have most unfortunately found it necessary to get rid of a man as soon as he thinks himself an expert because no one ever considers himself expert if he Continue reading Are you an “Expert”?

Meeting Planners: Hire a Pro

Meeting Planners – do you want to have exciting, wondrous, successful, happy, powerful meetings? Dumb question. Everyone knows we need a shot in the arm these days. People who are attending meetings are not just hoping for the latest data from the industry. Although they Continue reading Meeting Planners: Hire a Pro

“Twitterize” Your Content

[tweetmeme] YouTube and Twitter have irrevocably changed the way we look at the world and gather information. We were already teetering on zero attention span, and… oooh… a shiny object…. where was I … Yes – a short attention span. I just discovered mine is Continue reading “Twitterize” Your Content

Creating Opportunity

The sense I get about our current world is that we’ve moved away from competition and on to collaboration. Look for ways you can work with others to make your dreams come true. Continue reading Creating Opportunity

Social Networking Overwhelm

I have an invitation on my desktop to join something called WAYN (where are you now?) I’m on LinkedIn, I’m supposed to join FaceBook and MySpace. It was recommended I hook up to Twitter. I’m a moderator on three Yahoo e-groups and a member of Continue reading Social Networking Overwhelm

Are The Next 30 Days More Important Than “Black Friday?”

Contrary to the hype, the next 30 days may be far more important in retailing than “Black Friday.” This is when shoppers and their recipients will decide if they want to continue doing business with you. Common sense and research tells us it’s far more Continue reading Are The Next 30 Days More Important Than “Black Friday?”

The Best Gift for Your Clients and Customers

Companies often struggle this time of year to find the perfect thank you gift for their customers and clients. Here’s the best one I can think of: Keep Your Word. That’s it! Just do what you said you would do. Keep your promises. The promises Continue reading The Best Gift for Your Clients and Customers

Why did the Larry & Banner story go Viral?

Some thoughts for people who speak, write, or market for a living: At last count, the Banner and Larry story has been shown on TV in 4 major markets. Numerous people have sent it to a laundry list of media outlets, including People and Oprah. Continue reading Why did the Larry & Banner story go Viral?