Small Towns: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Common wisdom is that small towns are great places for kids to grow up. Yes and No. My first town had a population of 70, the next one was 800, and the next was 5,000. When my very large family moved away from each of Continue reading Small Towns: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Get Back on the Horse!

I slipped and fell in an airport and broke three vertebrae in my neck. The next year was a blur. Surgeries, neck brace, lost voice, lost time on the speaking circuit, lost my memory for a bit. Found my friends and supporters. Found I had Continue reading Get Back on the Horse!

It’s no big thing…

Valentines and elections, Marriages and lives … All are lost from little things, not big. Each decision we make impacts our lives for the long haul. We are the only person in the world who is 100% impacted by every single choice we make. My Continue reading It’s no big thing…

Parallel Universes Revisited

Do you believe in Parallel Universes? I do. You would say yes if you think about it. I pipe in relaxing music when I’m getting a room ready for a speaking or training session. This time I played a friend’s rendition of Pachelbel Canon in Continue reading Parallel Universes Revisited

If you don’t tell them, they make it up!

Humans are ornery creatures, and we are a curious species. We take all  information available to us, then we fill in the blanks. Therein lies the problem in human relations. Filling in the blanks is not always a conscious exercise, and we are not always Continue reading If you don’t tell them, they make it up!

How to Not Shoot Yourself in the Foot

“It may be helpful for you to consider the fact that to permit stupid thoughts to dwell and slip through the mind is as dangerous as letting sharp delicate tools slip through the fingers.” Mary Strong, Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood, 1948. I will add Continue reading How to Not Shoot Yourself in the Foot

How to Succeed: Embrace Imperfection!

Hawaii, with its Asian influence, has afforded many deep insights into finding peace and happiness within. A concept I heard decades ago has crossed my path half a dozen times this year: Wabi Sabi. A friend just sent me Arielle Ford’s book Wabi Sabi Love Continue reading How to Succeed: Embrace Imperfection!

Married to Pain

We are so attached to our wounds. Many years ago I read a Discover Magazine article that said we tend to be proud of our wounds. We drag them out and show them to each other as badges of honor and proof we’ve fought the Continue reading Married to Pain

On Grief ~ Renewal ~ Resurrection

For two months I have slogged through life. Some days brighter than others. Still doing my job. Still able to “show up” on stage and be present for others. But my heart hasn’t been in it. I wouldn’t say I’ve been depressed. To me, that Continue reading On Grief ~ Renewal ~ Resurrection

Just One More…

We all did it. We all pulled ourselves up on the nearest piece of furniture and tried to walk. Some of us didn’t bother to crawl first. We got around by rolling. Wheeee! But, barring early childhood issues, the one common denominator for humans is Continue reading Just One More…