Living with a “Monkey Mind?”

TMI! TMI! Information comes flying at us at mach speeds 24/7. And we all know what 24/7 means. We have a collective attention span of a gnat on crack. Back in the 70’s, researchers were worried that fast moving pixels on a TV screen would Continue reading Living with a “Monkey Mind?”

Age Really IS a Matter of Perception!

It can now be said with authority that you really ARE only as old as you feel! I’ve noticed in my travels how people age differently depending on the expectations of their culture. In Scottsdale, Arizona, women in their 70’s are vibrant, beautiful and in Continue reading Age Really IS a Matter of Perception!

What are you Thinking?

The good news: Affirmations work. The bad news: Affirmations work Where you are today is directly related to two things: your actions and your thoughts. Every thought is an affirmation. Every statement, whether internal or external, leads to activity that reinforces it. If every day’s Continue reading What are you Thinking?

3 Ways to Get Un-Stuck!

You are not alone. Everyone struggles with self-motivation. We all have days when we just can’t seem to get things done. Most of us are in overwhelm with the glut of information, the crazy economy, and tryin’ to make it through our days. Chin up! You are in good company. Continue reading 3 Ways to Get Un-Stuck!

Loving this Blog on Brains and Cluelessness

[tweetmeme] Eric Haseltine has a fascinating blog on how our brains work and how we can become better visionaries. Check it out – Long Fuse, Big Bang His commentary on how clueless we all can be has a test you can take. It’s great, and Continue reading Loving this Blog on Brains and Cluelessness

Had a meltdown? There’s hope!

Great news. Your brain is plastic. Forget everything you’ve been told about it dying off, seizing up, shedding gray matter. Not true. Turns out your brain can˜remap’ itself – it’s that resilient. If one area of the brain is damaged, (providing there is some living Continue reading Had a meltdown? There’s hope!

Brain Resilience Begins with YOU

If you have a family member or friend with Alzheimer’s, you have muttered to yourself, “Don’t ever let that happen to me!” There IS a way to prevent, if not stave off, degeneration in the brain. The Alzheimer’s Foundation recommends exercise of mind AND body. Continue reading Brain Resilience Begins with YOU