Can’t Take My Mind Off You…

I’m back. Actually I haven’t been gone. This blogging thing is sitting on my shoulder all day long, pulling my hair, stealing parts of my brain. Here’s the deal, I’ve started at least ten different entries and stopped mid-sentence. I have the idea, but then nothing more to back it up, fill it out, make it interesting enough for me to want to read it, let alone you.

The problem started when I read an article about blogging by Ladies Who Launch. Apparently there are RULES! (And all this time I thought this was about anarchy! I like a little anarchy in my life now and then.) Apparently I’m supposed to have GOALS and OBJECTIVES for these posts so I can entice you, gentle reader, into DOING something. (Isn’t READING something?) And my posts can’t be more than 600 words. (Who counts? I type until I come to the end of the last sentence. Then I sign it.)

I got very flustered. I looked at all my posts. I THINK this blog is about being resilient, having a good life. I THINK my platform is about not working too little or too much, so when you die you can look back across the landscape of your life and say, “Heh, not bad. Not bad at all.”

But do I have a theme? A THEME? Well, DO I? (This is where YOU chime in!)

I was particularly perturbed when I read the following… Felt threatened by it, actually. It was the first time it occurred to me that I might be being graded on this stuff!

“Always ask yourself whether your blog content is reinforcing your business objectives. Does the post generate an online or in-person transaction? Does it extend your brand? Does it enhance existing customer relationships? Don’t waste time on it if it doesn’t!”

Oh NO! Is having fun expressing yourself a “waste of time?” I don’t know! I’m just getting a kick out of learning by doing. Told you that was my school motto way back when. This is an interesting medium to play with, and any time I can get published without filling out a 476 page book proposal, I am a happy girl.

Now I was just pulling out of this funk when I got hit in the noggin with another social networking nugget. Have you heard of Twebinars? This is just too cool. I wanted to start learning it right away. So of course the blog went by the wayside for a day or so. It’s an online seminar or webinar plus the added bonus of Twitter comments on the side. Very entertaining. And way more interactive than my blog!

I got so excited about the need to do these new types of webinars that I signed up for Twitter, got lost in the Twebinar page and forgot to write in my blog. BTW – In between, I’m actually running a business. So maybe those Ladies are right. Maybe I should start thinking about actually having a goal and a theme.

What d’you think?



Beth Terry, CSP, is a Certified Speaking Professional, Author and Corporate Trainer. She provides seminars and workshops on Developing Resilience, Managing Stress and Change, and Handling Difficult Situations and People

About Beth Terry

Beth Terry, CSP, is a speaker, coach, writer and cowgirl. Her audiences are from around the world: she has spoken to almost half a million people in 6 countries. Her passion is watching the "popcorn popper" go off in people's heads when they 'get it.'

9 Replies to “Can’t Take My Mind Off You…”

  1. AMEN Sister!! I felt the same way and am so relieved to have someone say so. I became a dear in headlights when I read that article and the smug little voice of self-doubt entered my right ear threatening to lodge in my brain. Goals and themes are great…but I would say they are hardly essential to good times or good blogs!

    So here’s to following our inner voices!! Here’s to Women and Men who “Launch” into blogs or new ventures, not onboard warships built on prescribed notions of protocol and objectives, but on nimble vessels that will sail where God needs us to be available for goodness to grow through us.

    Woo hoo! Keep on sailing, Beth. Whatever occurs to you is what we need to hear!! And never limit your good words. What if true inspiration for a reader occurs in word 602!

    Onward and upward!

  2. Hi David – I think your combination of Twitter and Webinars is sheer brilliance! Thanks for thinking of it. I ‘attended’ one of the taped ones. I’m getting set to attend a live one. I LOVE it!

  3. Mimi – What a great way to put that – “nimble vessels that will sail where God needs us to be available for goodness to grow through us.” That was perfect. Thank you for that. I needed it this morning!
    See you soon,

  4. I’m a little late in posting this, but I’ll just say this:

    Beth, if you’re adding a little insight, information or maybe even a little entertainment here for your readers to enjoy, then what can be bad about that?

    Rules. Smules. Break ’em. Bend ’em. Do whatever works for you. If you’re getting comments, if people are returning to your site, then ya gotta be doing something right.

    No worries. You’ve launched!

  5. Hey, guys!
    I am the author of said constricting blogging guidelines. I fully support your stream-of-consciousness rambling in the spirit of fun and learning. I suppose that could have been a last bullet point; perhaps I wrote it on a grouchy day and, thus, forgot to mention it.
    I just meet so many women who go into blogging with the expectation that it’s going to generate a particular outcome, such as revenue, and they wind up spinning their time and energy and become disappointed and confused. Thus, focused blogging is important for some people. If your goal is to have fun, by all means, post pictures of your cat. (I certainly do.)

  6. Well, count me in… when it comes to blogging overload. I joined the July Blogathon to get me off the bench and into playing field. What I’ve come out with is a sense of, I CAN DO THIS, with the support of great new friends and a deepening relationship with all.


  7. Beth,

    It goes back to, “If the shoe fits…” You are the perfect example of perspective. You have your own reasons in creating and writing your blog (and thank you for that). It gives me comfort to ready your stories and struggles.

    Suzy Graven

  8. Thanks for the votes of affirmation, everyone! And Maegan, thanks for chiming in. It IS a great article that you wrote. Glad to hear you even write about your cat. I have a newsletter that goes out monthly for the many non-bloggers out there (although some readers watch the newsletter and the blog.) In that one, I actually have my dog write a column. So I guess it all fits! LOL Happy to hear from you,

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