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Beth is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and Author, currently home based in Phoenix, Arizona, with an office in Honolulu, Hawaii. Her theme is “finding resilience in an insane world.” Her greatest strength is her ability to synthesize and translate complex ideas in a way that anyone can grasp and use them.

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  1. Terry, Just wanted to say I saw you last year at the Women’s Convention in Fresno and you were such an inspiration that I met you at your table and had you sign your book 101 Ways to Make Your Life easier. Well, you have and whenever I have a problem, I grab your book and turn to the chapter and it makes me laugh. I just went to the Women’s Conference on Tuesday and boy you didn’t dissapoint. You are a kick and just a breath of fresh air. Keep it up!! Hope you’ll be at the 2009 because I will just to hear your talk.

    Debby Pyle
    Clovis, CA

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