Best You Can…

He sat on the sidelines watching bemused as we whirled and twirled to the live country music. Wizened and slight, he had to be in his mid-90’s. His eyes twinkled as he studied our steps. When the band stopped and canned music played a slower two-step, he pulled to his feet and took my hand. I was surprised how spry and strong he was. I had a fleeting thought, “It’s awfully close to St. Paddy’s day. You don’t suppose he’s a leprechaun?”  (The older I am the more I realize I don’t have a firm grasp on the mysteries of life.)

Jordin Sparks sang at Handlebar J's this same night
Jordin Sparks sang at Handlebar J’s this same night

While dancing he would falter and I’d hear him mutter to himself. Listening closer I heard, “Best you can… best you can.” Walking with him back to his perch I asked him to explain. He said, “When I was a pup, my dad said the only way you learn anything is to accept that you’re doin’ the best you can. Then work on gettin’ bester.”

Gettin’ bester. I love it.

If you’re struggling with something new, or frustrated with your current situation, just do the best you can and work on getting “bester.” It really doesn’t do us any good to beat ourselves up. Just notice what doesn’t work and fix it. Or decide sometimes “good enough” is just good enough.

I’m thinking of printing a little reminder and posting it somewhere:

Best You Can…

It might patrick clover

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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