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Beth Terry Resilience Kids

Beth on Live Radio Interview – With Podcast Available Now Beth Terry will be interviewed today on the radio. You can listen in later to the podcast if you miss it. Beth will be discussing her latest book, Resilience Not Included: How to help your Continue reading Listen to Beth Live

Mindfulness Creates Resilience

Mindfulness Resilience

Resilience is within reach… it’s inside you! We are the sum total of our choices and those choices can enhance or destroy our Resilience. “We” meaning the human race, this country, this world, your family, your friends, YOU, Me: Each taking different roads. We make Continue reading Mindfulness Creates Resilience

A Response to the MBTI Controversy

Beth Terry,

Update on 14OCT15 – I’m happy to report that Rob from CAPT has responded to my blog post and has this to say: Thanks for sharing your thoughts.  As I mentioned in my previous email, CAPT is working on a response to the article you Continue reading A Response to the MBTI Controversy

Come Visit the New Site

Greetings to my subscribers! You haven’t seen me posting here because I’m working on a new blog that will take the place of Cactus Wrangler. I’ve noticed that people have the attention span these days of a gnat on crack! So I’m doing shorter posts Continue reading Come Visit the New Site

Stop Trying So Hard to Be Happy

Happiness is an elusive, dynamic, ever changing gift. Sometimes we know we used to be happy when we notice we aren’t right now. Do you recall moments in childhood, or that first blush of love when you were giddy with joy? Were you aware of Continue reading Stop Trying So Hard to Be Happy