All Relationships End – Goodbye 2014

As I was winding up business for 2014 and working on goals and visions for 2015, I thought about the ending of our relationship with 2014. It occurred to me:

All relationships end
either through death or breakup.
If you go into a relationship knowing it has a beginning, a middle,
and an end, the same way you go into a new year,
you will be better able to live in the moment.
Most of us live in the “what if’s”and “how’s” of a relationship.
How about living in the NOW instead?

We know as we go into 2015 that December 31, 2015 will eventually arrive.dreamstime_fireworks
We know we will meet some goals this next year and miss some.

We know that some of the missed goals will turn out to be for the better.

We know we will make mistakes, have some regrets and miss some opportunities.

We also know we will have much to be thankful for.

Much to learn.

Much to take in.

Much to wonder about and be excited about.

Each day, each year, each relationship brings with it new and exciting information and opportunity. How we respond to it makes the difference. What kind of lens we use to view the world and the people in it will shape how we think about and respond to all that 2015 brings.

Enjoy your relationships the same way you enjoy your year, one day at a time. Appreciate what each brings your way. Approach each with love and enthusiasm. You really do get out what you put into your days and your friends, colleagues and clients. Live so you can look back with joy 365 days from today.

I wish for you healthy endings, exciting beginnings, and wonderful middles over the coming year.
I wish for you the ability to let go of that which must move on.
I wish for you peace in that tiny corner of your heart where you know that things do work out eventually the way they are supposed to.
Most of all, I wish you joy.

Ha’ouli Makahiki Hou!
Happy New Year to all my friends!

© 2014 Beth Terry, CSP • All Rights Reserved

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