Parallel Universes Revisited

Do you believe in Parallel Universes? I do. You would say yes if you think about it. I pipe in relaxing music when I’m getting a room ready for a speaking or training session. This time I played a friend’s Continue reading

Setting Boundaries ~ Creating Resilient Kids

While waiting for my sandwich at a restaurant I watched the 20-year old behind the counter. Not once did he make eye contact. He was completely lost in a simple human-to-human contact situation. Looking around I saw tables filled with Continue reading

If you don’t tell them, they make it up!

Humans are ornery creatures, and we are a curious species. We take all  information available to us, then we fill in the blanks. Therein lies the problem in human relations. Filling in the blanks is not always a conscious exercise, Continue reading

Bad Boss: Confront or Quit?

My Colleague and fellow CSP, John Hersey, writes an excellent Leadership Blog. In this edition, he asks what do we do about lousy bosses. I admire John greatly and usually he’s right on. This time, he essentially says to suck Continue reading

7 Phrases to Avoid at Thanksgiving Dinner

So, how do you have a Happy Thanksgiving? How do you navigate the treacherous waters of the Holidays with most of your hair intact and your brain cells un-fried? Get thee centered. Take a deep breath. Don’t impose your memories on anyone else, and deflect others when they try to impose old baggage on you. Have a plan. Continue reading