If you don’t tell them, they make it up!

Humans are ornery creatures, and we are a curious species. We take all  information available to us, then we fill in the blanks. Therein lies the problem in human relations. Filling in the blanks is not always a conscious exercise, Continue reading

Bad Boss: Confront or Quit?

My Colleague and fellow CSP, John Hersey, writes an excellent Leadership Blog. In this edition, he asks what do we do about lousy bosses. I admire John greatly and usually he’s right on. This time, he essentially says to suck Continue reading

Four Ways to Stay Motivated

Times are uncertain. (Newsflash: times have ALWAYS been uncertain.) Granted, things are a bit shaky now. Taking care of yourself and keeping yourself focused and motivated is one positive way to make the world better because you were here for Continue reading

Creating Your “Personal Business Plan”

You are the owner of your future, and like all business owners, it’s important to have a plan. Solid plans come from wrestling with yourself and asking the right questions. The answers lie inside you. Give yourself the gift of Continue reading

Avoid Content Hiccups and Loaded Words

In the past 24 hours, I’ve read four articles on Social Media and attended two Webinars. I found myself stopped several times by the choice of words used to describe a relatively simple situation. Continue reading