Get Out of Holiday Overwhelm!

Your friends love you. Your family loves you. Your clients are in overwhelm, too. Do the best you can. If you didn’t get cards, gifts or greetings out for your favorite holiday in time, send something anyway. Make it a Continue reading

How do I Make Sure I Hire the Right Person?

Updated 11/7/14 Interviewing requires a balance of intuition, psychology, leadership, common sense, and luck. We need to think like a detective to determine not only if the person is a fit, but also figure out what they may not be Continue reading

Those Pesky Millenials: Interviewing Tips

First – people are people. I think of “Millenials” as anyone around the ages of 17-28, even though some are still in High School. Your candidates may be students still in college or those who opted for Vocational School or Continue reading

Those Pesky Millenials

The media is full of handwringing about those pesky Millenials! What to do, what to do?! Thought I’d weigh in since I raised 4 of them, and trained many thousands more. When your baby was learning to walk, you didn’t Continue reading

The Myth That Causes Much Despair

MYTH: “The World Is/Should Be Fair”  This idea gets in our way and blocks forward movement. No. The world is not fair. The world is only FAIR in that it is governed by a set of natural laws. For each Continue reading

Give Yourself Permission: Want what you want!

Too many of us are afraid to want what we want. Someone asks us what we want out of life and we stumble and say, “Gee, I don’t know… ” As if wanting to better your life or change your Continue reading

Just One More…

We all did it. We all pulled ourselves up on the nearest piece of furniture and tried to walk. Some of us didn’t bother to crawl first. We got around by rolling. Wheeee! But, barring early childhood issues, the one Continue reading

Eric Chester on the Problem with Entitlement

We’re continuing our conversation with Eric Chester, CSP, an expert on the Millenial Generation and Reviving the Work Ethic. Beth: Why is it that younger workers are being described with the term ‘entitled?’ And why are having such a hard Continue reading

Reviving Work Ethic, Interview with Eric Chester

I caught up with Eric Chester on his new book, Reviving the Work Ethic. Beth: Eric, in your view, what’s wrong with work ethic in America? Eric: The decline of work ethic is not uniquely an American problem. It’s affecting Continue reading

Revitalizing the Work Ethic

I’ve always felt lucky to be raised in the Midwest. We learned a work ethic that has gotten me through many tough spots in life. And – no matter what side of Occupy Wall Street you’re on, you have to Continue reading