How to Not Shoot Yourself in the Foot

“It may be helpful for you to consider the fact that to permit stupid thoughts to dwell and slip through the mind is as dangerous as letting sharp delicate tools slip through the fingers.” Mary Strong, Letters of the Scattered Continue reading

Making Sense of the Political Minefields

Have you had this happen? You say thoughtfully, “Well, I think this candidate makes a lot of sense. I’ll probably vote for them.” Then you are subjected to: “ARE YOU CRAZY? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? DON’T YOU READ ANYTHING? Continue reading

Unconnected Disconnected Discombobulated

872 emails 25 Texts 18 voice mails glaring blog absence I spent the first part of last week in Coolidge, Arizona. A city so small they still have a population and elevation sign as you enter town. I drove back Continue reading

In Washington, DC Today: The Longest Walk – Link Fixed

In case you missed it, today the large group of Native Americans who have been crossing the US on two different paths will converge in Washington, DC. They’ve been marching for 5 months. Interesting and moving Video about it on Continue reading