Six Ways to Keep Luggage Safe When Traveling

Beyond the obvious advice of “don’t pack valuables in your luggage” there are six things you can do to insure you are reunited with your luggage and your belongings at the end of a trip: LOOK at your bag as Continue reading

How to travel safely through airports

It’s that time of year. Americans pack their stuff and take off for places deemed better than their backyard. If you are one of those, and if you have not traveled much in the past decade, take some advice from Continue reading

9 Safety Tips You Need

It’s crazy out there, and the world is nuttier by the day. So it’s time to haul out the reminders. This is an email I just wrote for some female friends, but guys, you might want to think about these Continue reading

Travel Easier. Remember SPC – part 3

[tweetmeme] There are ways to make air travel more pleasant for you and all those around you. On Friday we talked about SPC – Be Smart, Be Patient, and Be Considerate. Common Sense goes a long way. This is the Continue reading

Travel Easier: Remember SPC – part 2

[tweetmeme] Yesterday we talked about the three things to think about when you travel this summer. Most of us will be on airplanes, so these tips focus there. Be Smart, Be Patient, and Be Considerate. These three mindsets will get Continue reading

Travel Easier: Remember SPC – part 1

[tweetmeme] It’s that time of year again – the airports will soon be packed. As we road warriors say, The Amateurs are out again! That’s not derogatory, it’s just true that many people only get on airplanes one or two Continue reading

Advice to the Infrequent Traveler

Haha – I was looking for the RT (ReTweet) button. Amazing how Twitter has taken over our lives so quickly! Bill Catlett from the Contented Cows Blog has written a great article for the amateurs out there who don’t travel Continue reading

Holy Smokes! Hawaii is on Sale!

I had to just get the word out there. I go to Hawaii every 6 weeks or so to work. The fares this summer for all travel have been a nightmare. Cuts into your profits. But – I just went Continue reading

Listen to your Echoes

It was about midnight last night that I first got a funny feeling about the trip. I was packed and ready to head to North Carolina in the morning. I usually listen to my intuition. Over the years when I Continue reading