Just One More…

We all did it. We all pulled ourselves up on the nearest piece of furniture and tried to walk. Some of us didn’t bother to crawl first. We got around by rolling. Wheeee! But, barring early childhood issues, the one Continue reading

A New Blog for Animal Lovers Who Have Lost a Pet

Greetings readers. If you also get my newsletter, you know that I recently lost my sweet Chihuahua Xena Princess Warrior. She was a pistol and an amazing character. It became important for me to understand the process of grieving for Continue reading

Hummingbirds Resilient in Desert Heat

Hummingbirds are some of the most resilient and powerful critters in the bird kingdom. Their teensy size belies their resiliency and strength. I think of them as the Chihuahuas of the bird kingdom. As the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua proclaimed, Continue reading

A Walk on the Wild Side

I know, I know, today I’m supposed to be reminding you to vote; or carrying on about this candidate or that; or telling you NOT to vote if you disagree with my choices… But this morning I had a far Continue reading

Early Bird Politics… Sunday Musings

There’s a rhythm in the desert. We humans think we’re so different from the other critters that roam this earth, but not really. If we watch how they interact, we’ll find great insights into ourselves and our instincts. Such is Continue reading

“Great Horned Owls” have to start somewhere!

The desert is an amazing place to live. Occasionally we’re reminded we share this plot of dirt with desert critters. One morning my next door neighbor woke early to let his dogs out. As he was unlocking the sliding door, Continue reading

Of Hawks and Great Horned Owls… Sunday Musings

My entire family was flying in later that day. As I rushed through last minute preparations, I looked out my kitchen window and thought for a moment a new statue had appeared. Standing proud and still with a plump gray Continue reading

Adopt-a-thon and Pet Blessing Report

Joyce proudly shows off Franci, her brand new adopted puppy. The PACC911 event today at the Franciscan Renewal Center was wonderful. There were tents everywhere, and the line for pet blessings wound through the exhibits and rescue tents. I decided Continue reading

Happy “Make a Difference Day!”

What matters most in life isn’t the car we drive, the house we live in, even our ‘jobs.’ We find this out when houses burn down, cars crash, and our health begins to go. You know this. You hear it Continue reading