Magnificent Garden Triggers the Imagination: Sunday Musings

Bruno Torfs sees things you don’t. He looks at a tree and sees a woman riding a unicorn, or an imp spying on a frog. No, he hasn’t gotten into the medicine cabinet, he’s a woodcarver extraordinaire. Not only will Continue reading

Early Bird Politics… Sunday Musings

There’s a rhythm in the desert. We humans think we’re so different from the other critters that roam this earth, but not really. If we watch how they interact, we’ll find great insights into ourselves and our instincts. Such is Continue reading

Mom, GodMother, StepMom, Auntie… Happy Day!… Sunday Musing

She looked so frustrated last week. I saw her in the airport. This young mother of twin rambunctious pre-school boys was definitely considering abandonment. The boys weren’t really all that bad. In her backyard, she would have been smiling indulgently. Continue reading

Have You Googled™ Yourself? … Sunday Musings

When did “to google” become a verb? I google, you google, she googles…I would imagine that Google™ has mixed feelings about this, just as Kleenex™ and Xerox™ do. on the one hand, it’s good to be a household name, on Continue reading

Coulda Been Worse… Sunday Musings

We get caught up in our little dramas and effectively are the architects of our Life Un-balance. It’s so easy to think our problems are worse than anyone else’s. Hopefully that point of view changes as we experience more of Continue reading

Attitude Diet … Sunday Musings

Psychology Today’s recent edition covers our appetite hardwiring and the weight challenge. Research suggests that we are wired to know when we are too thin, but not when we are overweight. Primal programming was set in our far-off ancestors to Continue reading

It’s Spring! Girl Scout Cookies are in Bloom! … Sunday Musings

At long last, Thin Mints are back. Every woman who ever belonged to the Girl Scouts has her favorite cookie. Mine is those little minty chocolate covered disks. I don’t know how many calories in a cookie – or box Continue reading

The Oscars and Parallel Universes… Sunday Musings

We live in and around parallel universes. I was reminded of this when I read A.O. Scott’s commentary on the Oscars in today’s New York Times, “And that, it should not be forgotten, is what the Academy Awards represent: the Continue reading

Making Resolutions Stick… Sunday Musings

It’s halfway through February. How are your New Year’s Resolutions doing? So many of us start this resolution thing with great energy. When we’re younger and invincible, it seems a given we will get where we want to go, eventually. Continue reading

Of Hawks and Great Horned Owls… Sunday Musings

My entire family was flying in later that day. As I rushed through last minute preparations, I looked out my kitchen window and thought for a moment a new statue had appeared. Standing proud and still with a plump gray Continue reading