5 Tips to Keep From Going Insane During the Holidays

Face it. The holidays make us all a little crazy. Deep in the recesses of our minds we long for that magic when we were kids, before we figured out “Santa” was just dad or a crazy uncle or the Continue reading

“…What we believe in, We have time for…”

[tweetmeme] “Our calendar is our creed. What we believe in, we have time for.”  Mary Bevis Here’s my version: “Our Checkbook is our Creed: What we believe in, we have money for.” There are always things we wish we could Continue reading

When Losing is Winning

These are serious times. There are an abundance of Lessons to be learned and Changes to be made. In the midst of these, you have some opportunities to make critical life decisions. Take a deep breath and be willing to keep working on the solution that is uniquely right for you. Continue reading

Great Way to save money on your electric bill

Love this Economist blog on a little gizmo that attaches to your appliances and tells you how much of an energy vampire each one of them is. Gives you a lot more control over your electric bill. Read about the Continue reading

Holy Smokes! Hawaii is on Sale!

I had to just get the word out there. I go to Hawaii every 6 weeks or so to work. The fares this summer for all travel have been a nightmare. Cuts into your profits. But – I just went Continue reading

The Real Secret to Life Happiness?

Actually, I could title this, “The Real Secret to Life UN-happiness just as easily. In tracking my  progress over the decades, it’s easy to see the ups and downs. Much like standing on a mountain and looking back over the Continue reading

Cultivating Resilience is a good idea

The Resilience of the Human spirit. That’s what captivates me. Watching little kids dance. Seeing an older couple on a walk, still holding hands. Hearing a stadium full of kids in Hawaii singing (and signing) the YMCA song. I love Continue reading

Focus on the Good Stuff … The Economy will come back

It’s halfway through May and the people who actually meant their New Years’ Resolutions are still showing up at the gym. A woman with a Raphaelite body creeps in and tries to hide out at the back of the aerobics Continue reading