Distraction Conniption: Making Distraction Work For You

Look! A butterfly! Wait, what? … We’ve all been there. In this tech-crazy world, distractions are the norm. We don’t need to let them derail us. Here are some hints on making Distraction a friend instead of an enemy. Image Continue reading Distraction Conniption: Making Distraction Work For You

It’s no big thing…

Valentines and elections, Marriages and lives … All are lost from little things, not big. Each decision we make impacts our lives for the long haul. We are the only person in the world who is 100% impacted by every Continue reading It’s no big thing…

New You Resolutions

So – Day 13 of the New Year. How you doin’ with those resolutions? If they were written out of frustration with yourself, I’ll bet you aren’t on track. It works better to write goals in anticipation of great new Continue reading New You Resolutions

5 Tips to Keep From Going Insane During the Holidays

Face it. The holidays make us all a little crazy. Deep in the recesses of our minds we long for that magic when we were kids, before we figured out “Santa” was just dad or a crazy uncle or the Continue reading 5 Tips to Keep From Going Insane During the Holidays

Bad Time Management Advice

[tweetmeme] ALL advice you get is biased. There. I said it. We can’t help it. We all make rules about life based on our own experience and observations. Never mind we are looking at all of that through our own Continue reading Bad Time Management Advice

3 Ways to Get Un-Stuck!

You are not alone. Everyone struggles with self-motivation. We all have days when we just can’t seem to get things done. Most of us are in overwhelm with the glut of information, the crazy economy, and tryin’ to make it through our days. Chin up! You are in good company. Continue reading 3 Ways to Get Un-Stuck!

The REAL Secret? Pay Attention!

I used to joke that I could probably make a million bucks if I put an ad in the paper reading: Guaranteed method for beating all speeding tickets. Send $5! I was married to a cop at the time, so Continue reading The REAL Secret? Pay Attention!

Resilience Step #3: Procrastinate Intelligently

Yes, I did say earlier that “one of the ways out of Overwhelm and Despair is to do something, anything.”  I stand by that. Action dissolves inertia. Procrastination, on the other hand, can be an art form. Procrastination, on the Continue reading Resilience Step #3: Procrastinate Intelligently

Mastering Distraction

The National Institute of Mental Health reported in this attached PDF file, that clutter “suppresses the brain’s ability to respond” Continue reading Mastering Distraction

The Key to Success in 2009: Collaboration and Planning

Remember, when you succeed, we all do.
Small businesses are the most powerful Economic Engine in the world! I believe the small business people of the world are the ones who will pull the world back from the brink of economic disaster. I believe you can do this. Let’s save the world together, one small business at a time! Continue reading The Key to Success in 2009: Collaboration and Planning