Leaving money on the fitting room floor: #Retail Mistakes

I want retailers to succeed. I especially want my favorite retailers to stay in business. So this is a Retail Resilience Post! I know retailers spend billions of dollars every year trying to improve sales. The brick-and-mortar stores are fighting Continue reading

How to Guarantee Your Company Will Fail

People do stupid things when they are afraid. They pull back resources when they should be reaching out. They make knee-jerk decisions about policies and practices. They allow their fear to overtake courage. The word dis-courage means just that. To Continue reading

The Traveling Circus: Dealing with selfish travelers

I’m sitting in a hotel in Virginia Beach. I have two programs tomorrow at the American Bus Association Marketplace and Educational Retreat. One on Customer Service and one on the new Asian Tourism influx. Amazing how many examples I find Continue reading

Corporate Anorexia Smashes Home Depot…again

The mind boggles at how bad customer service is at Home Depot. It makes one wonder if someone in a Director position owns lots of stock in their competition. Or perhaps the Director of Customer Service has an evil twin Continue reading

Are The Next 30 Days More Important Than “Black Friday?”

Contrary to the hype, the next 30 days may be far more important in retailing than “Black Friday.” This is when shoppers and their recipients will decide if they want to continue doing business with you. Common sense and research Continue reading

Update on Customer Service Saga

Isn’t it amazing that great customer service is cause for surprise? Used to be it was a given we’d be treated with respect and understanding. These days it’s headline material. A few weeks ago I posted about the snafu with Continue reading

So What Are You Doing to Create Crazed Customers?

One of my tag lines, “helping you handle crazy times and difficult people,” gets a lot of traction. Kathy Jo wrote and asked why her business is seeing more and more difficult people. It’s easy to blame the problem on Continue reading

Banner the Wonder Dog makes it to YouTube!

The story about Southwest Airlines saving Banner’s life just keeps getting better. Numerous blogs have picked up the story, email forwards continue to send it around, and members of the National Speakers Association are just getting back from vacation and Continue reading

Balancing Customer Service with the Needs of the Company

Balancing Customer Service with the Needs of the Company I had three customer service upsets in the past 10 days. Two turned out well, one not so much. The GoDaddy issue was, not surprisingly, eventually handled the right way. I Continue reading